The Importance of hiring the right staff

Hiring the right staff for your business is crucial; in fact, it’s vital to the success of your business – but how so?  What’s the importance of hiring the right staff or the adverse impact of hiring the wrong ones?



Firstly, it’s costly to hire the wrong staff. In fact, it will cost you far more expense to correct a recruitment mistake than to invest in the initial recruitment process. So do invest the time and resources into finding the right staff for your company from the beginning. It’s not something you can afford to cut corners on. Take the time to think about what your company needs and then write a detailed job specification focused on those needs. If you need an employee with a particularly specialised skill set, it’s worth engaging a recruitment company that is experienced in that particular field or sector. Also, invest in advertising in the right trade publications, newspaper supplements and online jobs boards to reach your desired applicants. Don’t merely recruit whoever is the quickest, easiest or cheapest person to employ – it could damage your business in the long run and prove a costly mistake.


Adversely affect your team

Aside from the expense, hiring the wrong person can have a negative impact on the rest of your team, adversely affecting those around them including damaging morale and affecting productivity. In fact, if you have a member of your team who’s not pulling their weight, it can lead to a greater burden being placed on the rest of your colleagues – which could, in turn, affect their productivity and well-being.


Damage company culture

Hiring the wrong person for your company could also adversely affect your internal company culture and ethos. This is particularly so if you’re in the early stages of setting up your company. Here the key people you appointment will have a long term effect on the company’s culture and its success. Research undertaken by the University of Warwick has found that happy employees really do work better and are more productive. So be mindful of creating a negative atmosphere in the workplace – it would be unproductive.


Damage your reputation

You want your business to be respected, but hiring the wrong person could put paid to that. You can do all of the PR and marketing that you like, but in the end, it‘s your employees that do more than anything else to build your brand. One bad customer experience and a subsequent phone call to a newspaper or a negative online review can damage years of work building up your reputation.


Your long-term success

So hiring the right people is vital to your business, consolidating and building on its achievements, moving the business forward and setting it on the road to long-term success. Your business’s future is in the hands of your employees, so take the time to make an informed decision and invest in the recruitment process from the start. As Steve Jobs said, “The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths   to hire the best people in the world.” Sound advice indeed.

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