How this Website Weightalogue Grew with this Marketing Plan

Marketing is everything when it comes to business of any type – smaller or bigger; no business can ever succeed without marketing. Keeping that in mind, you get the idea of how important it is to market anything you want to sell or promote so you get more exposure. But, there happens to be the confusion when you come to know that there are so many ways you can market yourself, your product, your business, or anything you want to target. Now, this confusion is really something to think of and care about because if you put yourself into bad practices and wrong type of marketing, all you might see is nothing but waste in your time you’re giving to your product, business, or anything.

Overcoming Confusion:

To overcome this confusion of not getting lost into the ways of marketing you should be focusing on, we had to search for like 8 months to know what marketing works best and luckily we found a marketing plan by Weightalogue that aided them the most, that too in short period of time.

This marketing plan is not a vast one but it actually focuses on 2 main platforms that most people overlook and tells you how to perfectly win these platforms.

Weightalogue’s 2-Platforms Marketing Plan:

Here’s how this website that focuses on anything that relates to weight grew its exposure and fan following in lesser time, that too without no money:

1 Pinterest Marketing:

The very first thing this website focused on was their Pinterest profile. They managed it in a way to get everything organic and set for future hits and visits and here’s how they did it:

  • This website set up a board of Infographics first that would share anything graphical related to weight and stuff which found to be re-pinned a lot.
  • Once they found that their graphical content is getting shared (re-pinned), they started sharing their Blog Posts on Pinterest in a separate board and found that the followers that followed the account due to graphical content actually started liking those blog posts as well.
  • Now that all their content is getting shared, all they do is create useful content.

The best thing about Pinterest is even if you have less followers, your content will still be shown to people in the same category. Just make sure your content is king and hard to avoid.

Quick Tip: If you’re low on budget to hire a designer for infographics, you can turn your content into an infographics just like we (Weightalogue) did for all of our posts including “Ways to Gain Weight Fast” – check our Pinterest account for example.

2 – StumbleUpon Marketing:

This might look childish and awkwardly easy to a person but trust me this works too.

StumbleUpon is a website that lets you stumble upon anything that comes in your interest.

  • For your blog posts to work fine on this platform, all you have to do is to add your blog post in the related category.
  • Once your blog post is added, share the link of StumbleUpon’s version of your blog post to your social media accounts to get likes on that particular page of StumbleUpon.
  • After getting likes, you’ll see getting thousands of visits from that particular StumbleUpon’s version of your blog post.

More likes mean more exposure and visits.

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