Twitter Changes the Favorite Icon

Nowadays, there are many social media that is appeared in the internet. Many people are loved to use the social media because they can get many advantages such as finding the old friend that live in the far places. You also can have a better communication with your family or relatives that maybe live in the different city and also the different country. Besides that, social media is so easy to be used and it is already became a life style especially for the young people. The users just need to make an account and they can start to use the social media. It is so simple and can be operated even from the mobile phone. One of the social media that exist nowadays is Twitter.

What is twitter? Twitter is one of a social media that is used by many people in this world. Twitter is one of the micro blog daring that possibly the users to send and read the text message up to 140 characters and it is well known as a “tweet” on this Twitter. Twitter is built on March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and the social media site is launched on July. As one of the famous social media, twitter has many icons that can be used by the users as its own purpose.

Nowadays, there is news that Twitter is recently changed an icon on the page. This change is done to the star icon that is usually become the “favorite” icon is replaced by the heart icon. This heart icon is having the function for the “like” button. Why did the Twitter change this symbol? And how is the opinion of the twitter users about this replacement symbol?

Twitter said this replacement is having a purpose to promote the more universal symbol than the older one and it can be accepted by any languages that are used in this world, cultures and in every time zone it can be existed. As we know that the “heart” symbol is a symbol that is already well known by any people in this world and usually it has the positive meanings such as the symbol of love.

It seemed that this symbol replacement is not the big deals, but many people especially the Twitter users are disagree about this change. So, what is the twitter users thought about this replacement or this change? Actually, not all of the Twitter users are agreed with this change that is done by twitter. Many users are disappointed that the star symbol is changed with the heart symbol. They argued that the “star” symbol is a symbol that is identical to Twitter, it just like the own characteristic of Twitter.

How about you? Did you agree about this change? You can share about your opinion and join some polling’s in some website about this replacement. If you were one of the people that is not disagree with the Twitter obligation about the symbol replacement, by joining the polling Twitter might be can cancel their decision and put the star symbol back.

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