PABX vs. IP phone system, which one is better?

In the telephone system as a means of communication, there are two other systems known to operate it. They are PABX and IP. Even in term of PABX, it is still divided into two others; they are digital and analog PABX. So, what are they actually? Besides, what are the differences between them as well as how do those systems work? Well, you can read the following explanations.

PABX Telephone System

Let’s start it all from the PABX phone system. PABX stands for Private Automatic Branch eXchange. It is a kind of device that is functioned to centralize the phone in only a certain location. For example, it is for offices, buildings, residences, and more. The system manages the incoming calls and continues them to the destinations. Therefore, the users can easily make calls to the destined number by only pushing the phone’s buttons.

The system has some or even many connectors or wires that direct to a switchboard. That’s why; there is the term of branch on how PABX stands for. The term branch refers to those many connectors that are connected to the PABX device. It is not exaggerating to say that this device is really sophisticated. It can be applied to many other devices including the phone itself, fax machine, modem, and more. For internal communications, this device is recommended as well.

Next, how does PABX work? The system works by using a device, slightly, similar to a modem. This modem is functioned to control the central station. Every time there is a new incoming call, the call is routed or directed to this control station. In the system, a code has been registered for each phone number in the office or house. The way to direct the call can be much easier and more accurate using the code.

There are some benefits of using PABX. Those benefits may not be easily found in other systems including IP. First, PABX can be easily programmed so that an automatic notification is simply made even before the receiver receives the incoming calls. A PABX modern can even be programmed using a computer system to track all incoming calls and dials. The system can be set up by anyone who has access.

Second, PABX is also functioned as an Auto Attendant. It is a feature that directs the caller to a certain destination automatically. This feature is really necessary for a business that always receives incoming calls in a big number as well.

IP Telephone System

The next system is IP PBX or known also as the IP phones. IP PBX is a phone system that completely provides calls via the IP data network. This system involves many sophisticated communication features as well as giving freedom in term of durability and expansion. For those great features, it is reasonable if the IP phone system is demanded by many companies.

There are some benefits given by this phone system. But the most famous one is its freedom and flexibility to the company or business that uses it. The company doesn’t need to change the communication infrastructure that has been existing. It can connect to a traditional system through another device namely VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol gateway. If you are interested to apply this system, you can just use your old regular phone number.

How is IP phone works? IP PBX consists of one or more SIP phones, servers, and the VOIP gateway. In general, it works very similarly to the digital proxy server. So, when you are the client of this system, there is another device to prepare, it is SIP. It can be in the form of software or hardware (Smartphone). IP PBX has the list of phone numbers and IP addresses suitable with the SIP. Therefore, the process of connecting both internal and external calls is done faster and more smoothly.

IP PBX gives you more benefits in which PABX doesn’t. It is much easier to install and configure the system compared to PABX. The system can be easier to manage due to the configuration system that applies the web-based GUI. When you use the IP phone system, there is no need to prepare the wire; it is more practical for sure as well as save more budgets.

More importantly, it helps you to save money significantly for the application of VOIP. For business, it is very remarkable as they can also improve their services to customers. Currently, many communication companies have provided IP service. One of them is IP telephony, the ultimate communication solution in UEA. So, are you interested to apply the IP system?

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