Ways of creating a Website Simple and Easy

Ways of creating a Website

If you are in need of a website for your business, store, or whatever you can create one using various methods and platforms easily. You can even create a website for free or with a budget.

There are mainly two ways to create a website. You can create a website on your own using website builders or if you need assistance, you don’t have time to put into creating a site you can hire a web designer to do this job for you. The choice is yours, all you need is a vision and will.

The first thing to get started is the idea or concept to build a website on, domain name related to that concept which is the address to your website that people will use to reach out to your site. After that, you need a hosting plan to get a digital space on a server to host. At last, create and maintain content on your site.

After the basics, you need to shift forward and start thinking about the web design and the features that your users want. Now, let’s have a look at 3 different ways of creating a website: 

3 Different Ways to Build any Type of Business Website

 Hire a Website Designer

The easiest, efficient, and timely method to create a website on your will is to hire a web designer for the job. You will find these web designers as solo freelancers or working with web designing agencies. These are people that use different ways to create a website, design it, and help you get through every query that you face.

There are although a number of ways from which a website is made like using WordPress, HTML, CSS, Python, and so on. It becomes extremely confusing for a beginner to choose a method that is best for them. However, it depends on your needs which method you should choose. In the following paragraphs, you can read and choose the method that looks best to you.

If you want a website that is unique and never existed before then you have to choose a coding language like PHP, CSS, Python, or HTML. This method is one of the most famous and classical methods but it can take a lot of time.

If you don’t have knowledge about any programming language but still want to create a unique website with a unique design then you need to hire a website designer for this job. You can find these designers on any freelancing platform or search for portfolio sites like freelance web design in the UK. They provide services across the UK and have a number of clients reviews listed on their sites that you can see. You can choose any freelancer but be sure they have enough experience to create a good website for you.

If you want minimal effort and money spent on creating a website you can select platforms like WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, etc. these are sites that are designed to help people with basic computer knowledge and an internet connection to build and design a website on their own.  

Website Builders

The second way is to use website builders for this job. These builders are pre-designed software that allows users to use tools to aid them in building and designing a website. There are two types of tools; free and the paid ones with advanced features.

These website builders also come up with a full bundle allowing users to buy all in one package including domain, hosting, content, and template. These are suitable for people that are not having enough knowledge about website building. You can use any website builder for this job but choose a legit and reputable builder for this job to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Here are some of the builders that you can choose to build a site.


You may have come across this platform during your research, this website building platform allows users to build a website in an easy and simple way. There is a pre-made free and premium template that you can choose and apply according to your preference. Using these platforms, you can create a business website, eCommerce, blog, portfolio website in a matter of a few hours.

Square space

If you want a website builder that is fast, simple, and provide everything in one place then you should choose square space as your website builder. You can create a blog website, travel agency website, and so on. The templates available are award-winning that you can choose, apply, and customize according to your needs and preference. This builder looks similar to wix.com but the difference between both is that this platform offers an all-in-one package that includes domain, hosting, analytics, SEO, and support in one pack.


WordPress is one of the most famous among all the builders and experienced people mostly choose this builder for creating a website because of the reason that this builder is best for SEO and indexing of your site in Google and other search engines.

There are many plug-ins that users can use. The plug-ins come in both free and premium versions. The paid version has more functionality and features than the free one. Still, if you want to practice or you are a student or a beginner, this is the best choice. Additionally, another great advantage is that it gives away free hosting and security for its user.  

HTML/CSS (Any Programming Language)

The third way to create a website is by using a programming language like PHP, Java, Python, CSS, and others. Any famous site you may have gone through like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, WordPress, and similar sites are programmed using programming languages like CSS, HTML, and several other languages.

It depends on your needs of functionalities that will show how much use of programming language is needed. The website designers are also coders that use these languages to build and design a website. You can hire them or learn these languages. Depends on you.

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