Network Marketing Business Review: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Many people believe that starting a business can provide better financial stability than working as an employee. With a business, you’ll not only earn bigger income, but you’ll also have the convenience of choosing when to work and how to work – you don’t need to have a boss who’s frequently breathing down your neck. But since many businesses require huge capital to get the ball rolling, people are signing up to various network marketing businesses instead. There are many network marketing businesses today which allows individuals to choose one which is suitable for their preference and financial needs.


Network Marketing Business Review: The Basics

Network marketing is one type of business which allows you to earn unlimited income during your most convenient time. This means that even if you have other responsibilities at home, school or work, you can still make money from network marketing businesses. You can use network marketing businesses as your primary source of income or additional avenue to earn. Some of the most famous network marketing businesses in America are Tupperware, Avon, and Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Aside from the flexibility of time, more and more people are choosing network marketing business because it only requires them to pay a small amount of money as their investment. Usually, you’ll only have to pay a few hundred dollars upon registration which also includes a product sample kit.

In a network marketing business, there are many ways to earn – you can sell these products to your friends, family, and other personal contacts and earn commissions or you can recruit other sales representatives who’ll work as your downlines. When your downlines earn by selling products or by recruiting other people, you’ll also earn because you’re basically on top of the network marketing pyramid. This means that if you’re able to recruit more people and these people did the same, you’ll earn more money in the long run.


Network Marketing Business Review: The Pros And Cons

Sure, network marketing businesses can be an excellent investment because you’ll have the opportunity to earn without compromising any of your responsibilities. But just like anything else in this world, network marketing businesses aren’t all good; it also comes with a few setbacks. If you’re eyeing to engage in any type of network marketing business any time soon, it’s important that you weigh its pros and cons first. This information can help you set your expectations and determine if this type of business is suitable for you.

Once done successfully, you can enjoy the following benefits from a network marketing business:

  1. You can sell a product or service which you’re passionate about: As mentioned, there are many network marketing businesses out there. Regardless if you’re someone who likes to wear makeup, wants to look good with the clothes you wear or regularly keeps weight in check, there’ll always be a network marketing business for your passion. And when you’re passionate in what you do, you’ll be able to sell more effectively and convince people easily. Your passion can also sustain your motivation long-term.
  2. You can start a business opportunity: The bills you have to pay doesn’t take a pause when you stop working. Even if you’re unemployed, you need to pay rent and other essential commodities. When unemployment happens especially in a prolonged stretch, a network marketing business is an easy way to make ends meet. You’ll have several opportunities to earn from the first products you bought which can jump start another career.
  1. You’ll have more time at home: Network marketing businesses fulfill your dreams of working at home. Since you don’t have to report to a physical office or a boss every day, you can sell your products to your family and friends, around your neighborhood and even through your social media networks. org digital marketing can be an excellent source on how you can effectively promote your products online.
  1. You’ll have more chances of leveraging your income: There are many ways to earn through network marketing businesses. You can sell products, recruit people and qualify for bonuses once you meet goals and quota for a given period. Additionally, once you have recruits who are also motivated to earn as much as you do, you can enjoy ongoing profits from them.


  1. You’ll be provided with effective systems: Most often than not, network marketing businesses have existed for years and some, even for decades. If you affiliate yourself with businesses like these, you don’t have to start from scratch since effective systems were already developed over time. A network marketing business might already have a few hacks on how to handle demanding customers or how to entice recruits to join your team. These systems can make your journey as a network marketer fast and easy.


On the other side of the coin, network marketing businesses also have several cons, and these are:

  1. You don’t have any assurance that you’ll get rich: There are many reasons why you’re considering network marketing businesses but for sure, earning a steady income and being rich over time are included in the list. Unfortunately, network marketing businesses don’t guarantee any of these. The money you’ll earn solely depends on your skills and the amount of time and effort you spend on selling products or talking to potential recruits. Since there are already a handful of network marketing businesses today, finding a market which is not yet saturated can also make the challenge tougher.
  2. You’ll have to do it face-to-face: And while you can always have the option of selling your products at home, doing it personally can earn better results. Having face-to-face conversations with potential customers is the best way to go with network marketing businesses. When the customer is in front of you, you’ll be able to answer concerns real time and demonstrate how a product works. But if you’re not comfortable in having personal conversations with customers, you’ll end up selling to your families and friends which hinders your opportunities to earn more.
  3. You’ll need time to grow: The processes involved in network marketing businesses might seem easy, but you’ll actually need time to grow. Yes, you’ll be given products, marketing materials, access to professional teams and even a website but all of these are worthless if people don’t know you or the brand you’re representing. You’ll need to spend a lot of time to penetrate the industry and make your name known to everyone.
  4. You’ll experience a lot of rejection: Regardless of how honed your marketing skills are, many people will still say “no” to whatever you’re offering. In fact, in 100 customers, 99 of these might turn down your offer. If you’re someone who easily gets discouraged with rejection, you might see yourself quitting a few months after signing up in a network marketing business.
  5. You’ll be prone to scams: There are many network marketing businesses today, but not all of these are legitimate. In fact, there are many network marketing businesses which were only established to get people’s money and disappear right after. If you’re not careful on which network marketing business you’re investing in, you’ll end up wasting time, money and resources.


Hard Work Goes A Long Way

There’s nothing really wrong if you decide to try out a network marketing business. Regardless if it involves selling cosmetics, kitchen utensils or undergarments, as long as you’re earning and you actually like what you’re doing, go ahead and make this endeavor as your career. You just have to make sure that you’re working hard in order to achieve the goals you’ve set!

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