How UX Can Bring Your eCommerce Company to the Next Level

It’s hard to turn your head these days without seeing UX design (user experience design). Whether it be advertisements to join a boot camp to learn essential skills to become a UX designer or simply logging on to a website and enjoying the ease of its use. UX design is responsible for making the user experience online a seamless one.


Great UX encompasses all things layout. Everything should be easily found and organized to make sense to the public to navigate. If your website or mobile app is not easy to navigate through, you will lose a lot of customers. You could also design everything flawlessly and have a checkout process that is tricky to get through, and that could result in you losing a sale you definitely would have had otherwise. Your website should be so efficient and pleasant to use that your consumers don’t even realize how great it is because they are having no issues finding what they need. In a 2016 study titled,


In a very interesting article on cart abandonment, provided by, a 2016 study titled, The Six Steps for Justifying Better UX, Forrester Research found that a well-designed UX could result in an incredible 400% increase in a website’s conversion rate. On the inverse, bad UX could result in virtual cart abandonment. According to Grace Miller of Annex Cloud, 27% of carts were dropped because the checkout process was too complex…”


There are quite a few things you can do to make sure your site is up to par with the expectations of your customers. Make sure you provide them with an easy to find, comprehensive navigation bar. In addition to that, offer a filter option for them to narrow down the results by color, size, and so forth so they can more quickly find exactly what they are looking for. Using the breadcrumb feature is a great way to make your site more user-friendly as well. With the breadcrumb feature, you allow your customers to know exactly where they are on your site and how they go there. A promotional call out bar is a handy incentive when building your site as well. If a consumer sees there is free shipping or a sale as soon as they log onto your page, it will keep them there longer and make them more likely to take advantage of the offer.

Make sure not only is the flow of your website in order, but also the look. Take high quality photos of your products. Make sure you provide several hi-res photos of the same product from multiple angles, especially if you are selling clothing.


An example of a website that has brought their UX up to date that has produced sales nationwide is AvaCare Medical. Their website design has an extremely user friendly design since many of their shoppers are elderly; 80% of their reviews mention how easy it is to shop online with them, making a huge difference to customers who are unfamiliar with online shopping.



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