7 Tips for Hiring Part Time Maid for Your House Cleaning

Owing to the extremely busy life that all of us lead, finding out time to do house cleaning becomes very difficult. Nonetheless, its importance cannot be denied. Throughout the week you are busy at work, and when you get some free time on the weekends you have to finish the house cleaning task, and this naturally makes you irritated.

Worry no more, as Singapore part-time maid service is here to your rescue. They will complete your cleaning task just the way you want. All you need to do is find the perfect maid for the purpose and the tips given below will help you do the same.

1.Understand your requirements

Even before you start your search for a part-time maid in Singapore you first need to understand what are you looking for in her and what kind of job you want them to complete. For instance, her experience or so to say the years she has been working may be important to you, or you may need someone who can work on weekends. If you are aware of your exact requirements, finding the right person will become a lot easier.

2. Take the help of a maid agency

There are various part-time maid agencies in Singapore and you can seek their help to find one for your needs. Using a maid agency is wise because you will have nothing to do as such. You just need to contact them, let them know about your criteria, schedule, and the date when you want to interview a suitable candidate. If you opt for a maid agency you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the person coming to your place is experienced and her background check also has been performed.

3. Take references

Family, friends, or colleagues can also help you find a part-time maid. Most people in Singapore hire part-time help and so it is likely that someone or the other will be able to give you a good recommendation.

4.Fix the interview date

Once the maid agency or someone you know has suggested you a maid you need to fix a date for an interview in person. While interviewing, ask them about their experience, how much time they can offer you, and how much payment are they expecting. It will be a wise idea to ask for references who you can speak to, to learn what kind of service that maid has been providing and if their services were satisfactory.

5.Perform a background check

Just because the interview went well you cannot hire that maid right away. The person will be working in your home on a regular basis and thus performing a background check is a must. Even if they come from a reputable maid agency, still a background check must not be ignored.

6. Are there any extra costs involved?

You will have to pay the help either on per hour basis, or a fixed monthly or weekly charge. However, there are some maids who may request you to pay additional expenses like transportation costs. Make sure, before you hire them, you ask about any such extra expenses involved and only then make your decision.

7.Time to decide

Once you have interviewed at least a few candidates you then need to sit back and make your decision. It is not surprising if you like more than one maid and they match your criteria perfectly well. You feel each one of them will be able to do your house cleaning job nicely. However, you need to hire just one so it will be best to think which one amongst the shortlist you will be most comfortable with. This will help you make the best decision, and once you have decided, just call them and let them know about the confirmation and date you expect them to join.

To Conclude

Following these tips, it will be pretty easy for you to find the best maid for your home cleaning needs. Once you have hired the best you will have more free time for yourself, you will feel more relaxed, and instead of wanting the weekends to never come (because you had to do the cleaning job) you will eagerly wait for the weekends when you can spend more quality time with your family, friends, and at times all alone, just relaxing.

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