How to Design a Logo People Will Remember

Test Concepts

Logos are critical to the overall recognition of a company. A logo can allow people to identify your company without even seeing anything else about the company. Most people would be able to name Starbucks or Chevrolet based simply on their brand mark. Large companies are not the only ones who need a memorable identity. For small and medium sized companies, it is a way to create instant association and brand awareness of the company. There are key considerations to think about when deciding on the logo design. This article will focus on a few of these tips to help you create a memorable image for your business.

  1. Align with Company Persona

Logos should fundamentally represent the mission and vision of the company. They should set the direction for the future and speak a little to the company. A logo with abstract designs will give off a different vibe than a one with sophisticated designs.

  • Simple Design

A memorable logo does not need an explanation for what it represents. It should give off an identity without context. A simple design also means that the it can be used in a lot of different situations, venues, and mediums. For example, it can be easily displayed on a billboard or on a sponsorship packet for an athletic event.

  • Strong Color Choices

Color is an easy way to distinguish your brand from another similar brand. However, you want to use the right amount and ratio of color. Try to use three or fewer shades of color and make sure that the colors complement each other. There are many free tools online to pick a base color and possible complementary colors. Make sure that in addition to color, it will also work in grey scale.

  • Be Original

A logo design could be created in five minutes using some existing clip-art or smart words. However, this would not be a memorable or engaging logo design. It will look like something that was put together quickly using existing art work or template.

  • Maximize Usability

Your brand mark is going to need to be used in different situations where size or spacing might be an issue. It needs to be scalable and should be able to be used with or without words.

  • Test Concepts

There should be a market demographic in mind when it comes to your branding. Tap into this market to see how a few different logotypes resonate. One thing to keep in mind with market testing is that people will have different reactions. In addition, people will often see things that you did not see. Be loyal to your designs and take feedback with a grain of salt.

In Conclusion

The most important thing to consider when making your business image memorable is that it is professional. Even a small business can make a huge impact with a logo that has been professionally designed. Now you know what to look for and have the tips needed to create a strong and visually pleasing identity.


Emin is a professional logo designer in Los Angeles, he has been creating visually pleasing identity designs for his customers in Los Angeles and worldwide.

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