Why Hire Dedicated Development Teams: Top-5 Arguments

Looking for a trustworthy tech vendor can be daunting. Thus, it is a common practice among IT firms to outsource software development assignments to third parties. We have prepared a list of five major arguments in favor of hiring a dedicated development team for your rational, ethical, and strategic decision-making.


Delegating the responsibility of custom software development to the external team is a suitable option if you need your project to be completed at a reasonable price. Whether you are just looking to launch a startup or run a business that has been on the IT market for a while, hiring a team of remote developers is a win-win option because it allows you to save money.

Access to Global Talent Pool

Gathering a team of experts to work together on a software development project can be quite challenging if you do it in-house – you may simply not find the right people locally.  Outsourcing opens up the possibility to hire best-in-class experts from different countries and is financially beneficial.   

Resilience and Adaptability

Subcontracting makes effective remote cooperation of backend and frontend development teams possible and enhances their ability to adapt. You can learn more on how a dedicated development team works here: https://elitex.systems/dedicated-software-development-team

Good Management Practices

The presence of a project manager who is in charge of all the communication, keeping track of the progress of a project can significantly simplify the interaction between the developers’ team and you as an employer.

Improved Time Management

Experts with considerable outsourcing experience are better prepared to fulfill complex digital projects. At the same time, they stick to the principles of test-driven development, following the Scrum approach and pair programming.  

Ukraine in the Context of Dedicated Software Development

Eastern Europe harbors a definite potential for pushing the boundaries of IT further. Ukrainian programmers are already known far and wide for the willingness and ability to embrace the Western management approach and offer the highest quality of services at a fair and competitive price. 

Hiring a Team of Dedicated Software Developers 

Searching for a trustworthy partner for short- and long-term collaboration can be exhausting and challenging, but it is most certainly worth a fight. Professionalism, innovativeness, commitment, and stability is what most organizations are looking for in o the dynamic world of software development. ELITEX encompasses all that, and everything in between. Contact our specialists for more details on how to put together and organize a team of dedicated software developers.

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