How to Link Instagram Account To Facebook Page? Here Is The Answer!

So, have you ever wondered how to link instagram account to facebook page? This is highly substantial to know because this way, you can actually share the pictures on your instagram account with your facebook friends. In order to link your intagram and your facebook page, you have to the admin of your facebook page. In fact, the steps are quite different on one device to another device. Don’t worry, though. Here is some simple steps to link instagram account to facebook page.

For those of you who are android and iOS user, you can just go to profile and tap the setting button. After that, all you have to do is tapping the linked accounts and tapping the facebook button. This way, your personal instagram account will be directly linked to your facebook page by default. This way, your pictures on the instagram account will be appeared on your facebook timeline right after you post it.


On the other hand, if you are a windows phone user, you just have to go to profile and tap teh setting button. Swipe the screen right and click the share settings button. After that, click facebook button. This way, your instagram account will be directly linked to your personal facebook page. So, whenever you are posting a picture on your instagram account, the picture post will be also appeared on your facebook timeline.

On the other hand, if your instagram account has been linked to your facebook page, but then you are thinking of switching the account, then here are the steps. The steps are still very much the same, but instead of tapping the linked account, you tap the unlink button. That way, your instagram account will not be linked to your old facebook page anymore.

The advantage of this setting is numerous. One of the greatest advantages is the practicality. Nowadays, people have been slowly leaving their facebook account. They still check their facebook account, but it is getting more rare and rare. By using this adjustment setting, their facebook page is not going to be so empty of their post. That is why, nowadays, most of the people have been selecting to link their social media accounts with facebook page. The other advantage is that the owner can get more viewers for their picture post. Literally, there are more people on facebook which can see through their picture post. Hence, that is why many people link instagram account to facebook page nowadays.

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  1. Denny, I really appreciate this well written article! My grand daughter forced me to get instagram and she moved out this Jan to start college. Now there is no one around to help me with technology. I found your article very well written and the pictures are very helpful!

    I have bookmarked your website and will be visiting often! Also read your other post about privacy and now i can finally share more stuff about not having to deal with annoying people.

    Thank you very much

  2. WOw i’m really pleased to see it.
    i run my profile and also instagram account. But sorry to say i can’t linked up my instagram account with my facebook profile. Oh but now i learn that thnx a lot for sharing this. Now times for pic posting yeahhhhhh..!!!!!!

  3. Thanks very useful post for me this.because Instagram have big audience.if we can able to introduce our facebook Business pages , product pages for them it will really improve our business.
    Thanks a lot for this valuable details

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