Great Brands for Your Next Set of Tires

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The wheel was invented by people thousands of years before the automobile ever made an appearance. Somewhere, back so many thousands of years ago that it’s not even part of recorded history, somebody figured out that round objects roll. Who knows how this happened. For all we know, they saw a rock going downhill and figured out that round things roll, and if you put something on top of it, you could roll it around. Needless to say, this observation led to carts and wagons and bicycles and, ultimately, the automobile, which has taken the wheel to all new heights with quality, durable rubber tires.

 Today’s tire is something of a marvel in itself. Thick, durable, able to stop on a dime while also holding traction in all sorts of weather; the modern version of the wheel today makes it possible for many millions of people to drive around. So, the next time you go tire shopping for your automobile, you might want to consider giving some of the best brands a look. Here are a few of the best brands this year that you might want to check out.

Best Wheel Brands to Pick Up in 2020


 A very old and reliable company, Michelin actually initially got its start in France. Over the years, this brand has developed an excellent reputation for creating products that use high-quality rubber that lasts and lasts for many thousands of miles. One of the best aspects of this brand is that they generally offer lifetime warranties for the treads of all their products. They don’t guarantee that their products won’t burst or leak, but they do ensure they won’t go bald on you from driving around.


 Founded in Milan, Italy, in 1872 by Giovanni Pirelli, this is a brand that’s most notable for creating tires for luxury automobile and race cars. Though like Michelin and other top-flight brands, they’re also famous for incredibly durable materials in their products that give users thousands of miles of safe and reliable tire performance. For any car and most SUVs, Pirelli is a great brand. A downside here is that if you own a truck, you probably won’t find products made to fit. They mostly focus on cars.


 America played an integral role in the mass production of automobiles, but also in the wheels that went on them to help you roll around in safety and style. One of the oldest companies in the United States is the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, known today as just Cooper. One of the best selling points for their products is that they’re generally more affordable than competitors’ products while holding up just as well. Cooper makes the top-10 list for quality and durability continuingly.


 From their mass advertising campaigns to the blimps you see hovering above notable sporting events, Goodyear is a safe bet to be on anyone’s list when the category is quality wheels. Frank Seiberling started Goodyear all the way back in 1898, beginning in America but then branching out all over the world. If you’ve ever purchased a car in America, then the odds are good that they came equipped already with wheels from Goodyear. That’s how popular and common this brand is.


 A lesser-known brand when it comes to creating quality wheels for cars and trucks, Continental is still a top contender that holds its own against some companies that are far bigger than this German company. What really makes Continental stand out above some other competitors is that their wheels focus on more than durability. They’re also great to own for fuel economy, and they’re good for the environment. While their headquarters rest in the US, this is still a German company whose roots go back almost as far as the advent of the automobile.

 When it comes to getting quality wheels for your automobile, these are some great brands to consider going with. Though, more than a particular brand, make sure you find a quality, trustworthy company with which to do business.

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