Art-Inspired Picture Cross And Other Fun Applications

Picture cross, also sometimes referred to as Picross, Griddlers, Nonogram, and Hanjie, is really fun and an absolute addiction (of course, a good one). It is essentially a classic Japanese picture logic puzzle with straightforward rules but not so simple challenges.

Your aim is to use the provided numerical clues and accordingly paint the grid to reveal a hidden image. These numbers indicate the squares you must color or leave blank on the grid.

What is more fascinating is its artful representations. Although picture cross was initially designed to be based on binary (black and white) imagery, the game has beautifully transitioned for good with time. It now also comes in color-coded themes to offer more fun and create challenging and beautiful pixel art. If you like fun games like Sudoku, jigsaw, and blocks, you will also like picture cross.

Varying colors and shades offer both visual and mental stimulation. Each puzzle is expertly crafted to add a newer twist to the traditional gameplay. Such gridded and numbered games with a pop of art give the app a fresher look and feel and keep you engrossed with the levels. The art-inspired imagery provides more depth to the visuals and feels like you have switched over to an altogether distinctive logic puzzle model.

However, choosing the one that is not overwhelming but sophisticated must be the idea. Too vibrant mosaics give you a headache and do not retain the feeling of a true nonogram. But if that is your thing, you can try dynamic multi-color versions as well.

The advantage of vibrant art is that none of the levels feel boring. Instead, these give you a teaser in every step! Just make sure to apply your logic and unlock the rewards – nonograms do not work on guesswork.

The color-coded versions especially are a bit more challenging than the basic ones, so it is best to practice and master the techniques with time. To be honest, with guesswork, you may be able to crack a move or two, but going about the entire puzzle is difficult. Plus, you do not enjoy the essence of the puzzle. This is the same with every fun game you try – the visuals just keep you entertained, but the aim is to understand the rules and keep going at the levels.

If you want to try your hands on one such artsy yet sophisticated Picross puzzle, download the Picture Cross mobile application by EasyBrain. Their nonogram app ranks amongst the top best on the app stores, and you will certainly enjoy playing the game. You can try the binary image set for an easy challenge, but you can also test your logical abilities with the colored levels as you escalate.

So wait to no more; try this art-inspired puzzle right away and make the most of your free time.

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