The Dos and Don’ts of Building an eCommerce Portal from Scratch

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If you have a computer and few hours to spare, you can almost get an eCommerce store up and running. Or you can also see ecommerce portal development services to get it done for you. But, would it be successfully? Maybe, maybe not.

First time eCommerce business owners with little knowledge on how to start an ecommerce portal make several mistakes, knowingly & unknowingly, which diminishes the current selling potential and the future growth of the store.

In case you are in the works of ecommerce web portal development, here are some do’s and don’ts you must bear in mind to bring out the best in your online store.

DO have a Business Model

A business model is the nerve centre of the business. It is how the business intends to make money and expand farther into the market. Of course, in the eCommerce industry you cannot have everything ready before the launch. But at least, having the business model ready before taking the plunge into the business is better than going in without any prep.

There are plenty of online resources that guide you how to build an ecommerce portal, but, there are not much resources that will serve a business model right at your desk. You have to develop it, by yourself, factoring in the market condition, customer demands, infrastructure and so on.

DON’T mess up the store design

At least one quarter of your store visitors will not buy from an online store with difficult navigation. As difficult navigation is a result of poor design interface, it is imperative that you don’t mess up the store design.

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Here are some pointers to ace the eCommerce store design process:

  • Use light backgrounds to showcase products

  • Show images from multiple angles, if possible integrate 360-degree viewing angles

  • Make it easy for visitors to reverse their recent choices

  • Keep the search bar on top always

  • Highlight out of stock prominently

  • Use high resolution images

Do set aside some time and money and engage a professional ecommerce portal development company to tweak and perfect your store design for user-friendliness.

Do test Product Viability

Are you testing waters with a new product? If so, have you tested the product viability and success probability in real-world scenario. Because, the truth is, modern day business owners are never ready to see their product through the eyes of a customer.

In the olden days, business ideas took birth in garages and then went on to become success stories. But, today, it happens on the reverse. Business owners want to proclaim themselves as success stories even before their products have hit the shelves. That is a sure recipe for failure.

So, if you want to ensure that your ecommerce web portal doesn’t end up with the failure stores, do the following:

  • Conduct market surveys

  • See what most eCommerce companies are missing

  • Show the prototype to a sample population for feedback

  • Invest in website heatmap analysis

  • Know the customer pulse about the product

  • Lastly, but most importantly, ensure that there is profit when you sell!

The bottomline is, while drawing the budget for ecommerce portal development cost do provide for product testing and market feasibility before entering the market.

Don’t neglect Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At least 80% of the Internet traffic originates from a search result. Let’s face the truth, search engines are here to stay. You better get along with them by playing it right with Search Engine Optimization.

Ignoring it has the possibility of making your business invisible to your target audience. Don’t assume that your customers will come and find your product on their own. You need to invest in Search Engine Optimization to make your website visible online.

As a matter of fact, SEO is something which you have to factor in at the early stages of ecommerce portal design and development to gain maximum traction when the website goes live.

All this might make you wonder how to make an ecommerce portal that is fail proof and efficient in selling. In our opinion, such a mammoth task is best left to a professional company. There are plenty of established tech firms that provide high-quality ecommerce portal development services of niche nature. Be it for fashion, electronics, software and so on, they can help you build an elaborate online store that can push sales volumes through the roof.

Looking to build an eCommerce web portal of your own? Team with the best ecommerce portal development company in India to build an eCommerce store that excites customers and beats competition.

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