Creative and Promising Small Business Ideas 2016 – Part II

Small business ideas 2016 - healthy vending machine

As discussed in the previous post on creative business ideas 2016, being an Instagram consultant, a kid-friendly app developer, picking up disposable supplies, and operating a food truck are among the options. Actually, there are many other alternatives, which may suit your passion and budget. As a starter, you certainly need something that is different from the mainstream. Then, you need to define the right targets. These are the most effective ways to get prospective customers.

The following are additional options of small business ideas 2016 for your reference in finding out a suitable business:

Software Training Services

If you are handy in software apps that require specialty skills, then you can make it a way to earn money. You can pass your knowledge and skills to other person by being a software trainer. What you need to do is identifying important software applications, which may be difficult for beginners as well as average users. You can schedule training sessions for a small group of participants.

The good thing about this business idea is that you can make it a part-time job. Alternatively, you can work with two or three friends who also have proficiency in certain software and schedule class for different software tutorial sessions.

Women-Focused Online Business

It is a fact that more women do online shopping and than men. Therefore, women-focused platforms are among the promising small business ideas 2016. The niche varies greatly, from beauty products, fashion, to women’s health products. You can collaborate with one or more brands that provide women-focused products and sell them on your blogs, online store, or social media accounts.

Freelancing Services

Freelancing is still a lucrative small business and side job option in 2016. As reported in Freelancer, the demand for freelancer keeps increasing with time. Right now, it lists more than one million part-time or freelance projects from different industries. The companies may need to fill in the skill gaps in their staffs. When the gaps are not too significant for permanent employment, then freelancers are the options.

The freelancing services include data entry, data processing, academic writing, social media-based jobs, excel projects, online surveys, web search, article writing, and many more. The payment methods vary from hourly, daily, to weekly rates. They are lucrative enough, right?

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Healthy Vending Machine

The truth is that young professionals are frequently faced with the difficulty to get healthy beverages at workplace. Consequently, they go for soda or soft drinks, which are rich in calories but poor in nutrition. What about operating a business that focuses on healthy vending machine? You can provide on-the-go vending machines that offer healthier drinks than soda.

This wellness-oriented business is increasing popular, as modern people are more aware of the importance of health. Your targets include schools and offices. Thus provide them with healthier and affordable drinks and snacks, and more people will be there waiting for you every day.

Mobile Salon Services

Aha… this is one of creative small business ideas 2016, which you may try. As people are busier and busier, and when senior people are less mobile in their life, the need for mobile health and beauty care is increasing. You can run a business that offers mobile salon services for senior citizens or young professionals, who need nail or hair salon. Your staffs travel to the customers’ residence or office.

So, which small business ideas 2016 suit you?

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