5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Strong Password Manager

What Is A Password Manager

Password managers generate, retrieve, and track very long, crazy and random passwords across countless accounts for you, while also protecting all your vital online information.

Not only passwords but PINs, credit card numbers and their three-digit CVV codes answer to security questions and more. The encryption is so strong on them that it might take hackers decades to crack.

To get all these benefits all you need to remember is a single password which is the one you will use to unlock your vault of passwords. Password managers are very essential especially for businesses that do a lot of online work.

It brings safety to the owners that hackers will not be able to crack the code to get into their account.

There are many different types of password manager also. If you try and do not like it you can always use another one for a better result.

Types of Password Managers

Since password managers are really just a broad term. There are many different types. These types include Standalone, password manager, password managers using embedded security hardware, and web-based password managers.

  1. Standalone password managers- This is the earliest type of password management software. Examples of this type of manager include Keepers, Myki (make sure to check out this awesome Myki password manager review), and Aurora. Try out this type of password management if you do most of your computer work on one device.
  • Web-Based Password Manager- A web-based manager is the newest type of password manager. Apps like RoboForm and PowerSafe have similar features to aurora with the added benefit of accessing those features through web browsers.
  • Password Managers Using Embedded Security Hardware- This is a less common approach than other types of management. This software requires hardware embedded on your device to solve and encrypt data.

Pricing Of Password Managers

For some password managers, you may have to pay something. Dashlane charges $40 per year to sync one account to all of your devices-your home, computer, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Myki is also a password manager where it is free to download but other additional costs might be pricy. Keepass is another, open-source software that is very popular among technical people.

This option is completely free but that does not mean that it slacks up on security. KeePass is also a DIY password manager-only if you are willing to fiddle around with it a little.

You can find detailed instructions and so password manager reviews to help set each one of these up.

Main Features of Password Managers

Before we move any closer, make sure you check out this great comparison guide between the best password manager options. Now we will go over the main functions of every password manager that you need to know about. The first thing you can do with a password manager is store files.

On some managers, you can attach documents and images to notes as well. The data you upload is encrypted just like the notes themselves and can be accessed from a desktop.

Another thing that you can do with password managers is to browse the web. Many password managers with mobile apps have inbuilt, secure browsing for safer web browsing.

The last amazing feature you can do with a password manager creates random passwords. When you are struggling to come up with tough passwords, go into the generator in the app.

These passwords will not be memorable passwords since they are so complex but that is alright because you already have the password manager to store them.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Strong Password Manager

  1. Encrypted Storage- This is a must when using a password generator. Within the very good password managers like MyKi and Latepass, you will get good storage of all of your passwords in a safe database. All of your passwords and private information will be locked up in the password manager software securely using industry-standard encryption like AES encryption.
  • Access password from your cellphone- With the strong password managers you will be able to access your information through an app. The devices include Android, iPhone, Ipad, and Blackberry. This is very reliable when you are outside the house.
  • Store An Unlimited Number Of Records- Good password manager software can house an unlimited number of passwords and encrypts them all to ensure the most protection. This is very nice especially when you have a lot of things to do.
  • Carry It With You In A USB Drive- You can essentially carry the password manager with all of the encrypted data inside of it anywhere you want using a UDB stick. This way you can launch that program from any system.
  • Generate A More Unique Password- With some of the strong password managers, you can create a strong unique password for different sites. This feature like we said before is especially good for business people who store a lot of things.


With all of this said you should be able to use a very strong password manager to store the different types of data you might have. Make sure that you take priority in securing your private information online.

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