The New and Popular Chatting Apps for Android

Nowadays, Internet is becoming one of the lifestyle for the most people and chatting is an application that is used by them. By using this chatting application there are many advantages that we can get. One of that advantages is we can know the condition and have the communication with our family or friend even in the far place. There are many popular chatting apps that you can use in your Android. What are they?

Blackberry Messenger1. Blackberry. Nowadays, Blackberry Messengers (BBM) is becoming the new lifestyle especially for the youth. Many people are loved to use this application because it is multi function. You can use this BBM for sending the messages, files, voices, pictures, videos and emoticon or smiley. Besides that, this apps is also more private because we should know the other people pin to become a friend in BBM.


path2. Path. As described on its site, Path is an application to catch and share all the important moments in our life. It can be photo, video, thought, books, exercise and even when you are sleeping.


skype3. Skype. This application is really powerful for chatting and video calling. So, it is really recommended for anyone that wants to chat and have the free video call. The new features are always updated such as the more interesting animation and emoticons, “emoji” that you can use for expressing yourself, view and changing the avatar of all the chatting groups and many more.

instagram chat4. Instagram. This is not the strange application for us. Actually, Instagram is a new application, but it is already got a lot of attention from the android users. They can use this app for selfie. Now, this social media is already bought by Facebook and it has more than 300 million users in all over the world.


Yahoo Messenger5. Yahoo Messenger. You may not pass this application. It is because Yahoo is already had a hundred million users and they possibility are also had the Yahoo Messengers (YM) account. So, you can do the chat, texting and call them for free.


line6. Line. Line basically is an application that offers almost the same features like the other application, but this application is having more emoticons. The emoticons that are used in this app are vary and mostly they are so cute. That’s why; a lot of users are loved to use this application. Line is also possible the users to do the Video calling. So you can call your friend that is also use Line and pay the bill with the internet quota.


beetalk7. Beetalk. With this application, you can make and join with the other friends around you and make a group. This application is making the process of finding a friend is becoming more interesting than before. This is a new application, but there are a million users that are already used Beetalk. So it is a good thing if you tried this app, because you can find many new friends.

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