New Emoji for Android to Express You Deepest Emotion

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Unicode Consortium recently confirmed that it would release new emoji that becomes the integral part of Unicode version 8.0 update. Those who have Nexus phone are lucky to have the new emoticons on their phone, since the users of other brands will have to wait for the upgrade. Yes, Nexus devices will come with unique and interesting New Emoji for Android from Unicode 8.0, which involve tacos, lion face, and unicorn.

New Emoji for Android: Edible and Inedible Icons

The Unicode 8.0 comes with food-related icons, such as tacos and their big brothers, the burritos, cheese wedge, popcorn, burrito, and hot dog. If you think those edible icons are two delicious to eat, then go for the inedible icons, which are available from the Unicode update. New Emoji for Android includes Unicorn head, volleyball, and prayer beads.

Overall, there are 37 new Emoji for Android in the 8.0 Update in addition to five skin color modifiers, as those found in iOS and OS X. There are also interesting face expressions, which you can use to tell what you are thinking or doing. They include hugging face, nerd face, and thinking face.

Get Ready for the 2016 Update

The Unicode team that developed the 8.0 version is now working on the 9.0. You can expect to get more interesting update next year. They reportedly will involve unique icons, such as bacon (the topping for the tacos), selfie, avocado, owl, and shrug.

Few moments ago, Apple had done the same thing for its iOS 9.1. Apple released about 184 new emoji in various themes, from edible icons like tacos to inedible ones, such as flags, middle fingers, and even sport equipment. They are also available in different colors to make sure that the users have more options.

Now is the time for android users to express your deepest needs and emotions through the new emoji for Android. Send delicious messages to your friends and get them to enjoy the taste of melted cheese in the tacos.

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