5 Hot Smart Gadgets Which You Should Use in Your Daily Life

A useful gadget solves any problem, but solving the problem isn’t the same as making your life easier than ever. This list of best smartwatch might help you live more years healthier, but being constantly reminded to move is an entirely tiring thing. A drone might help you take beautiful photos, but you have not to crash it. A smartphone let you communicate with anyone in the world, but social media does exist.

Below we’ve mentioned up a few gadgets that can add to your day

1. Wireless phone charger

Charging cables are too much annoying. Wireless charging technology has started to gain ground, and you can use it on every other device of yours. The Juice Pack Wireless is a case for your iPhone that makes it compatible with wireless charging bases. If you put keep wireless charging base on your coffee table or close to your bed, you can quickly answer any call or text and place it back without messing up with the cord. You can also connect it with a magnetic docking station for easy to use and access in the house or the car.

Some other smartphones come ready to charge without wires like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, so the only thing you need to do is if you have one of those, pick up a wireless charging base compatible with them.

2. Winbot robot for window-cleaning

Robotic floor cleaners are not unique anymore, and almost everyone knows about them.

But you don’t know about Winbot, the robotic window cleaner designed and produced by Ecovacs. Just push the Winbot on your window, touch the play button and let it clean. It takes away the difficulty out of cleaning windows, and if you have some unusually huge glass, you won’t have to climb the ladder to make them clear as crystal anymore.

3. Reset Plug automatic Wi-Fi resetter

Wi-Fi routers are the beasts, still having some malfunctioning and require a reset, which can be a pretty difficult ordeal when you aren’t sitting right next to it. If this problem is vexing your life, you should check out the ResetPlug.

The ResetPlug has only one job, and that is to reset your router when it starts losing its connection. You plug your router into it, and it checks the Wi-Fi signal and will automatically turn off the router and back on if the connection has not been active for a lot of time. No more issues of unplugging and replugging yourself.

4. Amazon Echo

As smart-home technology becomes more obvious, controlling it all can become a little difficult.

Amazon Echo is not only an intelligent assistant capable of telling you the weather and playing music from your Prime playlists, but it can also connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices and services. You can control it with your voice, as long as it is nearby, you can command it to play movies through Amazon Fire or even non-Amazon services.

5.Withings Steel HR

When we talk about best smartwatch, we tend to think of screen-toting wrist computers. But there is another way. Withings which are now part of Nokia has a pretty stylish hybrid smartwatch that uses an analog watch that defines tech in a case and unlike the host of similar combinations out there – including Fossil’s impressive collection – it has many features. Including accelerometer-based step tracking control with sleep monitoring, the Steel HR has a heart rate monitor too built in, that measures your bpm 24/7, providing a report of useful data such as resting heart rate into the awesome Withings Health apk. Withings tracking is one of the best in the business, and the main thing it’s accurate, too.

There’s also a screen behind the face which display’s steps and shows up notifications – it’s pretty small, so keep your expectations low – and there are a mind-blowing 25 days of battery before you hook up with the supplied dock.

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