How Digitalization Has Made Our Lives Easier


Digitalization simply means making use of digital devices or technologies for doing any activity that has to be done using hands or in person. In detail, it helps in saving information clearly which can be processed, stored, and transmitted into way easier and portable forms which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

It has made human life much easier. Digitalization in the online permit portal plays a major role in modern human times. 

It has made a huge revolution in fields like IT, business, food, clothing, purchase, sales, filmmaking, broadcast, auditing, education, bookkeeping, accounts, shopping, and much more. Digitalization has managed to break the barrier between the superior owner and the ultimate consumer. 


There are a whole lot of impacts of digitalization. A few among them are:

– Improvement in the small scale business

– Small vendors

– Art workers.

*SMALL SCALE BUSINESS:- In today’s world, there is a huge scope for establishing businesses via websites. This helps the businesses to reach the public efficiently. It also eliminates the need for a middleman to reach out to the general. 

On the other hand, it also improves the people’s hope to live their lives in a peaceful way such that, they don’t have to worry about the cost that usually occurs in the name of middlemen. 

*SMALL VENDORS:- Nowadays there is no need for a degree certificate to do a lower-level business, especially for small vendors. One can come up with an idea of their own and make optimum utilization of their talent and skills to earn money. Digitalization helps small vendors to sell their products worldwide.

*ART WORKERS:- Digitalization paved a huge platform for artists also. One might have no idea how this helps artists, but with the help of social media algorithm and search engine optimization, artworks of talented artists, reach millions of people. 

Digitalization helped In every way possible for the growth And development in all fields and plays a major role in the print media field particularly. 

One of the major influence that digitalization has made in its progress, is introducing the online portal. Nowadays, the online portal has been used for almost all purposes, from filling application forms for schools and colleges to getting birth and death certificates. 


The growth of the online permit portal has made the submitting and receiving of any document related to government very much easier than the traditional way. This has proved to be of great use to all of us in many ways. 

What are the places one can make use of an online permit portal?

 Online permit portal can be used for various purposes in various fields such as, 

*Permit for road opening

*Permits for Planning and zoning of lands

*Permit for buildings

PERMIT FOR ROAD OPENING:- This permit should be obtained if there are any work or repairs linked to sewers. 

Permits for road opening should be obtained for the works such as replacements, repairs, installments, or upgrading of utilities such as telecommunication, electricity, etc., here the online portal helps us to apply directly without any hurdles and get access in the easiest way possible.

PERMIT FOR PLANNING AND ZONING OF LANDS:- Here planning permit differs from zoning permits of lands. A planning permit has to be done before the construction or any activity that takes place on the land. 

Zoning permits are permitted only for the land that is to be put in use for a particular purpose. Zoning permits require different procedures for different zones. An online portal can also be used here to get the permit. 

PERMIT FOR BUILDING:- This permit has to be applied when one has to do any huge changes to buildings. Permits for building can be obtained by any individual for purposes such as construction, removal, or repair of any part of the building especially by people who are involved In trading, etc. 

Initially, permits for buildings were harder to get approval for but after digitalization, it was made easier to submit the required documents and to get approval in a simpler way.


Duplicity -This saves the documents from being mishandled or being misplaced at times. As they are in digital form, they can always be regained. 

Satisfaction -This increases the satisfaction of people as they are able to know the status of their work directly and don’t have to be there in person for the completion of the process. 

Saves time and paperwork – Usually, in the traditional method, the whole process consumes a whole lot of time and money. You have to go and check on every update about your case every time. 

But, with the help of online portals, you can keep up with the updates now and then from the place you’re handling your device. Handling a huge stack of paperwork is obviously not an easy job. Being digitalized, handling of the document is a piece of cake.

Accountability– As the instructions and the deadline date are mentioned properly in the portal itself it automatically helps in the improvement of accountability.

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