The Web Design Trends You Need to Expect in 2018

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The guy responsible for coming up with the iconic “I Love NY” design once said that there are only three ways you can respond to a design – yes, no and WOW! The world may have changed beyond recognition in the interim, but the same logic holds completely true even today when it comes to web design.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and remain viable, you need to focus exclusively on delivering that elusive ‘WOW’ factor for every single customer.

But with such extraordinary scope for experimentation, where to start? How can you ensure that your website emerges as a shining beacon for all that’s impressive in your niche?

First and foremost, you might want to hire help. Be it a single web design specialist with plenty of experience or an extensive web design company in Chennai, you are probably going to need the experts on your side. Going it alone is an option, but only if you’ve got the required experience and expertise to make magic happen.

Once you’ve got the grunt to get your website in shape, it’s a case of focusing on the most relevant and effective web design trends as things stand right now. So if looking to capitalize on what’s big from a 2018 perspective, here are the design trends you can expect to see a lot of over the following 12 months:


First up, the importance of high-quality textual content goes far beyond the words you choose and the message you deliver. Traditionally, playing it safe in terms of fonts and typography in general has been the advisable way to go. These days, it can be more impact to consider typography as some thing of a combination of textual content and imagery in its own right.

Get it right and the typography you choose can bring the most extraordinary visual dynamic to your website. Experimenting with lettering size, shape and weight, use of empty space and the combination of various different typefaces. Just be sure that however creative you get with typography, you don’t compromise the readability of the text itself.

Moredecorative details

Less can still be more in 2018 – the minimalist approach to web design that perpetuated throughout 2017 remains strong and viable. Nevertheless, 2018 is likely to see at least a few more decorative details being brought into the mix.

Essentially, it’s a case of taking the minimalist approach and perhaps taking a small step away from it,bringing a gentle yet effective scattering of additional details on to your pages. The idea being that things remain simplistic and minimalistic, while at the same time presenting something with the potential to catch the viewer’s attention.

Rewrittenlayout rules

Playing with the general layout of your website also has the potential to be highly effective. Some argue that for the sake of consistency and familiarity, it’s typically advisable to stick with the usual standards. Navigation menus,social bars, the positioning of information and so on.

Nevertheless, and particularly if looking to appeal to younger audiences, a more dynamic approach to website layout really can make all the difference. It’s just a case of ensuring that you don’t cross the line into chaos and disorder – doing so will run the risk of confusing your visitors.

Use ofanimation

The Animation isn’t exactly a new concept in the world of web design. In fact, animations have been used to one extent or another pretty much since the dawn of the web itself. Nevertheless, websites are becoming increasingly more playful and captivating, with developers using a wide variety of animated effects to bring their pages to life.

Popular examples include parallax scrolling,transitions between pages, specific sections or elements of the page animating, mouse over effects and any number of customer animations. All of which can be great, but you need to be extremely careful of these kinds of potentially ‘heavy’ additions don’t slow your website down to a crawl.

3D effects andvideos

Back ground videos (particularly when used on landing pages) proved to be an enormous hit worldwide throughout 2017. A trend which is guaranteed to continue and intensify this year, along with the use of more advanced 3D effects and animations than ever before.

The right high-quality video clip at the right time really can deliver a powerful and lasting message. Once again however, you need to ensure that adding these kinds of elements to your website doesn’t in any way compromise the experience for desktop or mobile users.


Last but not least, every rule regarding color psychology and the careful use of colors in the design and development of websites has effectively gone right out of the window. The only rule as of 2018 being –there are technically no rules whatsoever. While there’s still a place for the elegant and understated use of blacks, whites and the ‘safer’ color choices, this year is all about being bright, bold and brave enough to stand
out from the crowd.

While too much color or clashing colors can, of course, make your site look horrific, there’s so much more scope for experimentation right now than ever before. If looking to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, getting creative with your color choices could represent a great place to start.

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