6 Craigslist Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

A wide range of small businesses, from online wholesalers to ecommerce websites are leveraging the marketing power of Craigslist, one of the world’s most powerful marketplaces. According to statistics, currently the Craigslist site reaches around 10 million daily unique visitors, making it one of the biggest classified ads sites in the world and a literal goldmine for marketing. However, if you’ve never used Craigslist as a marketing method, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few tips for B2B businesses that are trying to gain more exposure through the service.

1. Research Your Competitors

Google your services or products, and research what your competitors are doing. Use this information in a creative and unique way to write your ad’s titles, descriptions, and features. Also research for your services or products on Craigslist, and the ads published by your competitors. For this purpose, you can use a service like zoomthelist.com. ZoomTheList goes beyond the regular Craigslist search function and allow you to search multiple markets at once. Based on this research, make your ad stand out from your competition.

2. Perform a Keyword Research and Find a Good Title

Find out the keywords that a potential client will search for in order to find the services or products you offer. Keywords are very important, and you should use them through both the ad title and body.

After that, the most important ad component is its title. Be as descriptive and clear as you can in your title, including key details and price of the services or products you offer. Avoid exclamation points or all caps at all costs.

3. Keep Your Ads Varied

In order to avoid having your ad flagged or marked as spam, you have to keep your ads varied. Use links wisely as well. Craigslist allows you to include a link in your ad. You should use it to link directly to the product page or an opt in page.

4. Include Photos of your Products

Keep your ad with minimal and simple HTML code. You text based ad should also include some product pictures. This way you increase the visibility of your post.

5. Post Ads Often and Make Sure You Delete Old Ones

You should post and repost your ads often on Craigslist. Some users even post several times a day. This way you keep your ad on the first results page. And always ensure you delete old Craigslist ads to prevent penalties. You may repost your ad every 48 hours.

6. Tracking and Test

Track the result of your promotion campaign on Craigslist and note down which ads are performing better at attracting more clicks. You’ll find a wide range of Craigslist tracking services, with some popular options among them. You could also do A/B testing with different ad types and see which ones perform the best.


No matter your niche, as a small business, you can take advantage of this powerful tool to promote your services or products. So make sure you follow the few tips in this article so you can use Craigslist in an effective way.

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