How to Stop Pop-Ups Screens Appearing on Android Devices

It must be annoying when you always find pop-ups screens when accessing a website. You should close the ads or the screen all the time and it is always irritating. The pop-ups are not only annoying but also will make you use much more data because the pop-ups take it out. Even though the pop-ups are closed, they are still running on the background. How to get rid of pop-ups? Some tips below may help.

Scanning Your Android Gadget from Malware

Malware is Malicious Software, it can be including spyware, ransomeware and also adware. Adware is a type of malware that brings ads automatically and they are commonly brought in the form of pop-ups. You should have antivirus app installed in your android gadget so it can scan the malware automatically. If you face the pop-ups problem, you should scan the malware manually so you can make sure that it is not adware. For those who don’t have any antivirus yet, you can scan your device manually from antivirus website so you can directly scan your device even you haven’t download the antivirus yet.

Get Rid of Adware through Your Browser

Kinds of pop-up blockers have been designed for Android and Chrome browsers. You can use them to get rid of adware and they work well. Some steps below may help.

For Android

Open your browser and then find the three vertical dots on the very right side of the address bar. Tap the dots and see the drop-down menu. Select the Settings and click the Advanced option. In the Advanced screen menu, select the Content Settings. In this screen, you can do the pop-ups screen blocking. In the Content settings screen, you should give a checkmark on the right side of the box with Block pop-ups title. Then every pop-up on your Android browser will be blocked.

For Chrome

In the same first step in the Android browser, see the up right of the address bar and then tap the three dots. When the drop-down menu appear, find the Settings option and then tap it. On the screen of Settings, choose the Site Settings and then choose the pop-ups. On the Pop-ups screen, there will be a tab with Pop-ups title on the right. Underneath the Pop-ups, there will be a word Block (recommended). Block the pop-ups for the browser by sliding the tab to the left. The tab will get grayed and it means that the pop-ups have been blocked for the Chrome browser.

Install the Ad Blocker

This is a simple way to block pop-ups because you can do it by installing the ad blocker application for your Android device. Find the best ad blocker and then install it for your device.

Find the Pop-Ups Bringer Apps

Pop-ups are also commonly brought by applications installed in your Android device. If you have currently installed an application and get the pop-ups suddenly. It strongly means that the application is culprit and you should uninstall it soon. If you aren’t sure about which application that causes pop-ups, then you should download an app that could help you find the pop-ups causing apps. But you also should make sure that the app will not cause pop-ups too.

Steps to Uninstall Android Application

The steps to uninstall an application on Android may be different in every device. However, the general steps may be same. First, get the Settings menu on your device; scroll down the list and find the Applications to select. Tap the Application Manager on the Application screen. You will get the list of applications installed on your device. Concern to and select the Downloaded apps instead of the running, SD card, or All. Choose any app that is recently installed and causes pop-ups and then uninstall it.

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