Towelroot: Everything you should know about this Android Rooting app

Towelroot – Towelroot is known as one of the best android mobile rooting app which helps you root your mobile in just one simple click.

Towelroot app is created by one of the best and most known ‘XDA Developer’, Geohot.

This app has got the ability to root almost any Android device, which are running on the ‘Android 4.4 Kitkat’ operating system or any other version made before it. If you’re sure about rooting your device, you should definitely read this post.

I know, it does not support the latest android versions but, it is still the best android rooting application. If you are sure that you want to take a risk on the newer versions, you can do that too but, we won’t be held responsible for any damages to your system.

Before I share the steps to download this Android Rooting aplication.

Towelroot Features:

1) Simple One-Click Rooting Application – The first feature i love about this application is its simple, and easy one click root. It can root your phone on a single touch of a button.

2) Smaller In Size – It won’t consume more space, It is less than 100 kilobytes. It works efficiently even after being the smallest app.

3) Roots any android device – It has the ability to root any android device. It only has the problem that it cannot root most of the latest versions of android devices. Make sure you have Android Kitkat or other versions.

4) It does not require you to have an active internet connection to run it: Towelroot is developed in a way that it won’t need internet connection to root your mobile phone. It’ll only need while you download the app.

To download the app, you can visit this webpage that contains the Towelroot APK.

Things you should remember before going forward to other steps:

The Towelroot app has been discontinued by its developer and is no longer supported for the newer versions of Android.

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