5 Ways to Improve Your Gaming Skills

Not everyone had the means to play video games when they were younger and that is why newbies aren’t as skilled as those who’ve been playing their whole lives. If you’re one of those people, there’s no shame in that. Video games are for fun after all and while entertainment is a priority, there’s also room for improvement.

If you’re in a difficult quest or an objective that needs coordination, it can be frustrating to be that one guy who dies first. Your teammates could also get cross with you if they think that you cannot do something simple as dodging to not get hit by the enemy. Some tips for improving your gaming skills are obvious, but there are tips you can hopefully learn from. Here are some of them:

Before You Start

Make sure that your console or gaming hardware are in good working condition. Improving your gaming skills may take hours at a time for weeks and the last thing you want to happen when you’ve finally achieved mastery is to have your equipment die on you. If your console is new then you have nothing to worry about as they are built to last, if your PC is kind of old, consider upgrading to a gaming computer.

You don’t really have to replace everything. Swap the older hardware for newer ones, but everything must still be compatible for it to work. You can also choose to upgrade your peripherals and headset as well.

Practice + Tips

There’s no alternative to practicing. Logging in hundreds to thousands of hours in the game is mandatory if you want to be good at it. In fact,  professional gamers are known to do this because esports competitions are on a whole other level and the most hardcore players gather to play and try to outplay each other.

It’s not enough that you go in-game for hours at a time. You need to put in the effort to improve your gameplay by practicing certain movesets, making strategies of your own or learning how to read the map. It helps to read up on the game you want to get good at and try to understand how the game works.

Customize Your Controls

Complicated movesets are the bane of some players’ existence. It takes a certain dexterity to repeatedly press buttons or executive commands quickly. If you’re this type of person, it is essential to have gaming peripherals because you can customize its controls.

If you need to quickly navigate with your mouse, instead of outstretching your hand to do so, adjust the mouse sensitivity the way you like it. Refine the options and controls and adjust as you see fit.

Watch How Pros Play

There’s a reason why professional gamers are great at what they do, their skill surpasses those of casual players. They have achieved mastery that some of us can only dream of. The way they play is just on an elevated way that you will learn a lot by watching them.

Fortunately, video streaming websites allow you to look up people playing it. Carefully watch how they deal with situations, what item they use to counter their enemies, and how they react during ganks. Gather as much information as you can, retain, practice, and then apply it.

Take Care of Yourself

Dedication is an amazing thing but you should draw a line somewhere when you’ve done nothing else but constantly playing for hours and hours with rest. It’s nice to practice all day, but you need to take care of yourself too. Take frequent rests and have an ample amount of sleep every night so your mind and body can recuperate.

Stay away from energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages. While they do give your body some energy, it’s only temporary at best and the amount of sugar can be harmful if you consume several bottles or cans of it every day. Drink water as much as you can and take bathroom breaks frequently.

Play With Others

Practicing by yourself is all well and good but it can limit your improvement and skills. It is important to play with others so that they may provide you with feedback or point out what you’ve been doing wrong in the game. They may also help you improve in games that require team coordination because you’ll get a first-hand experience and improve from there as well.

Stay Chill

When you’re on your way to mastery, frustration can mount because of the inevitable fails you’ll encounter along the way. If you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry to the point of wanting to smash your controller or mouse, step away from it all. Never let yourself get too worked up about the game. Take a bit of a break for a few minutes and once you’ve calmed yourself, then you can resume.

What are your tips for improving gaming skills? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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