Essential Supplies you should have in your Home Cleaning Checklist

Everyone expects their home to welcome them with a neat and hygienic atmosphere. The dirty smudges across the corners of that floor not only look hideous but also house many species of pathogens.

And so does the dirt accumulating in the grooves of your furniture. If left unchecked, your whole house may become a zoo of bacteria and also feel like an unpleasant place to be in.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic home can be an exhausting task with sub satisfactory results if you are not well equipped to maintain a 21st-century human household. To ease out this daunting task, here are some essentials which you must have in the closet.

Vacuum cleaner:

Vacuum cleaners rightfully deserve the first place in this checklist for reasons well known to most of us. These dust guzzlers should be used regularly to maintain a dirt-free look. There are many types of vacuum cleaners so go for the one which suits your needs the best.

Select the size of your machine in accordance with the enormity of your adobe.

Regular vacuuming prevents the formation of harmful bacterial eco-cycles in your home.

It also helps maintain the look of the carpet.

All-purpose cleaner:

This is a good beginner level product for those of us who don’t want to load your supplies with too many sanitary products. It can be used on most of the surfaces in your home.

It is satisfactorily effective against dirt, smudges, finger-marks, etc. They can also be used as a first-aid if you don’t know how to remove any particular agent. So stock up some of that for unexpected encounters.

Cleaning Rags:

The name may not look as impressive as is its importance. Rags are a tool to keep in handy for all kinds of cleaning purposes.  No matter what cleaning agent you use for any surface, you always need something to apply that agent with.

You can use separate rags for different cleaners. You can also color code them for different purposes. For instance, the rags you use to clean glass should be very clean and should not be used to clean anything else.

You can go for micro-fiber rags as they are pretty good at the job.

Since you clean your house with them, it should go without saying that the rags should be as clean as you can keep them.


Gloves are important when you are working with chemicals like bleach, dish cleaning liquid, or any other harsh cleaning agent. You otherwise risk damaging the skin of your hands in the long run.

Also cleaning a few things can just feel disgusting if not harmful and such activities do require a pair.

So it’s quite advisable to keep a pair of safety hand gloves for expected and unexpected encounters.

For the best experience, use the long rubber ones which extend covering more area.


Taking a step towards advanced home cleaning products, polish, with its different types, is highly recommended if you are fascinated by glistening surfaces in your home.

Polish steps up your game above regular cleaner, giving a result against stains and smudges.

There are different types of polishes available for different surfaces. There are categories for wooden surfaces, fore micas, Stainless steels, etc. Have a few of these to sparkle up your place every once in a while.


Again a very basic essential in any home should be none other than the humble mop.

The post-dusting part of your cleaning routine consists of mopping the floor free from stains and smudges. Use a mop with microfibers to get decent cleaning.

Use a proper disinfectant cleaning solution to mop over your floor to eliminate bacterial infestations while removing stains. Prefer a sufficiently long-handled mop to increase your reach and make the task easier to reach difficult places.

White Vinegar:

This is like a polishing agent for your glassware and glass furniture. Keep ample of it available for a sparkling shine on your glassware.

You can use a spray of white vinegar and water over your glass furniture and window panes. Let it stay for a few minutes to act and then wipe off the residue.

For glass crockery items, you can add a cup of vinegar in warm water and immerse your crockery in it for a while (around 20 minutes should do). Then proceed for a regular soap wash. Your crockery should look as fresh as new.

Dish Wash:

Dish washes are a basic necessity if you eat food at home. But its uses go well beyond the kitchen sink. You can blend a few drops of dishwashing soap with your mopping solution to get better results on ceramic floors (not to be used on hardwood flooring).

You can also mix dish wash with white vinegar to create an even more effective Cleaner four bathroom tiles and bathtub where strong stains are likely to occur.

These are the basic things you need in your house to maintain a decent tone of hygiene in your home. With these supplies in place, you are pretty much well equipped to tackle any kind of stain, dirt or sanitary damage which threatens the prevalence of a clean and healthy atmosphere in your home.

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