Start A Food Business at Home

Most people would automatically think about restaurant or cafe when they are asked about culinary business. In fact, you can try a home-based food business that is much simpler and less budget to start. There are some home-based culinary business that you can start today.

An overnight breakfast

Think about it! A lot of people are too busy in the morning, they do not even have time to make their own breakfast. There is a big market for you here. You can start offering healthy and easy breakfast. It is called an overnight breakfast in jar. Basically, you just need to learn the recipe. The basic material is oat, skimmed milk, and yogurt. You don’t have to cook it. You just need to mix the oat with warm milk in a mason jar then add some topping with yogurt and fruits like banana, avocado, strawberry, and some drops of lemon juice. Store the jar in the fridge for a night and it is ready to eat in the morning.

Since this healthy menu will be expired in three days, you need to be careful. Never produce too many jars at once. It would be best if you open a pre-order selling system. You can open a website to display your menu and let your customers to order your healthy breakfast for the next day. You don’t even need much money to start this home-based food business. To attract more customers, you can also post some articles about the benefits of having healthy breakfast and nutrition content of your product.

Cooking class

This business is perfect for you who have professional cheffing experience. Do not worry about there is nothing restaurant that gets you a job, you can be a personal chef. Choose one foody field where you expert at and open a class for it. Let’s say you are an expert at making cake. You can open a cooking class to cook cakes. If you want it to be unique, you can open a class for kids in the weekend. Besides you can just perform simpler skills, there are only a few chefs who open this kind of class.

Don’t forget to consider social media to help you. You can open a website or blog to promote your business. A soft promotion through informative and interesting post would be really helpful. You can also open a new market when there is customer who want to order your cake.

Frozen food business

How about food business for people who has no cheffing skill? You can just sell frozen food. You can start your business by looking for some frozen food distributors and producers. With a freezer box, you can stock the products. Don’t worry if you have no shop. You can sell the products online.

Use social media platform where you can effectively communicate with your customer such as a website with online chatting or chatting application on your smart phone and computer. You can deliver the products on certain schedule. This business will be a great business if you can create a network in your neighborhood. The key to make more benefits through this business if you are discipline and open your online shop everyday. You also have to keep the best products.

To get more customers, a website would help a lot. Try to build a culinary blog. You can post a lot of tips and tricks to cook frozen food, including various kind of recipes for your customers. Instead of keep promoting your products, this soft selling is more effective and make people keep visiting your site. Of course it will help you getting more customers for your home-based food business.

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