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The internet is growing to be a very unsafe place to be around. Gone are the days when implementing website security was just a matter of choice. These days, it is more of a necessity with the number of attackers escalating every day. Ever wondered why more and more websites are moving to HTTPs? Well, it is all about web security-the need to seal any security loopholes.

What is HTTPS?

If you are keen then you must have seen that padlock sign in your browser’s address when surfing some sites like Paypal,eBay, Amazon etc.Well, this means that the site you are browsing is secured using HTTPS. So, what is HTTPS?  HTTPS is just a secure version of HTTP, which is a set of rules leveraged in communication(protocol) between a browser and website. With HTTPS, the communication is secured through encryption algorithms that are very hard to crack.  The real magic with HTTPS is the fact that it differentiates one sender from the other unlike in the case of HTTP where the protocol just presents data to the user as designed. The encryption commences when the website owner purchases a time sensitive certificate from a central authority.

Why You Need to Use HTTPS as Website Owner

There are lots of benefits of using HTTPS for your websites. For instance, HTTPS can be vital in creating trust among visitors. Of course, this is logical keeping in mind that many people have become very mindful of sharing their personal data on the web. In other words, if you want more traffic to your website then you have got to show the consumers that they can trust you. This is especially the case if your web platforms handle sensitive data like credit card information, Social Security Numbers etc.

HTTPS will also do you a lot of good if you are looking to improve your SEO rankings. In fact, Google incorporated web security as a factor in their indexing calculations meaning that you are likely to rank higher if you have HTTPS implemented than if you do not. Think of it this way, as your site gets more trust, you are bound to get a higher Click Through Rate(CTR) which translates to higher rankings!

Add an Extra Layer of Security To Your Website

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or online business owner, you need to add a security layer to your website and that means installing an SSL certificate to your website. Yes, that right you need an SSL certificate. In simple words, this is just a small data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key to an organization and visitor’s details. The files are installed on the web server hosting your website to allow secure communication between the server and the user.

Introducing SSL2BUY, a great place to buy SSL Certificates

Now that you have an idea or two about what HTTPS and SSL certificates are all about, the other question we need to answer is where can you buy an SSL certificate? Well, there are many places to buy SSL certificates on the web but we have done some homework and found one place that stands a cut above the rest. We talking of SSL2BUY, one the fastest growing Digital SSL Certificates provider have known for supplying complete online security solutions. The beauty with this provider is that they offer virtually any of the best SSL products in the market today. Talk of SSL security products like SSL security products like Code Signing Certificate, Domain Vetted, EV SSL, Organization Vetted, Wildcard SSL, SAN/UCC certificates and many others at a relatively lower rate compared to other competitors. This is just the tip of the iceberg; we have summarized every reason to show why SSL2BUY is the best option out there:

Affordable Rates

Who does not fancy quality products at pocket-friendly prices? Well, SSL2BUY happens to an authorized global reseller of SSL certificates that purchases products directly from CAs and selling to consumers at very affordable rates. In fact, quality certificates like the Wildcard SSL go for as low as $42

World Class Customer-Centric Services

SSL2BUY has built its business on very smooth customer services targeted at customer satisfaction and long lasting trust. The company has a support that delivers excellent services in the realm of sales, installations among others, 24X7!  This is perhaps on the reason the company is getting many positive reviews from lots of very happy customers.

Trusted by the Best CAs

This provider is recognized by most of the CAs such as AlphaSSL, COMODO, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Thawte, RapidSSL and Symantec (VeriSign) among others. Therefore, you just have to select what certificate you need and you are good to go.

100 % Money Back Guarantee

What is even great with SSL2BUY is that you do not have to worry in case your certificate does not work as you can get your money back if the issue is not sorted out within a month.

Buy Other Products

The company also lists other products that might be useful to you, other than SSL certificates. For instance, you can get malware scanning tools, highly trusted Trust seals, and products for signing documents among others.

Get a Chance to Earn Some Cash

SSL2BUY also offers you a chance to earn some cash! Yes, that is right! This is through the SSL partner program that is well suited for Domain Vendor, Web Design and Development Company or any SEO service provider out there.

How to Buy SSL certificates from SSL2BUY

Buying from SSL2BUY is quite simple. All you need is to visit their official site and choose your desired product then simply click on Buy it and you are good to go. Remember, in case you experience any glitch with the certificate (which is highly unlikely), you simply need to contact their customer support and your problems will be sorted!

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