8 Hacks to Keep Visitors on Your Web Pages Longer

Do you frustrated with Low session duration and want to increase average time a user spends on your site?

If you have a long article and your average time spent on that page is less than a few seconds, then it needs your attention.

In this article, we will cover 8 untapped hacks to increase visitor’s average time spent on your website or web pages.

#1. Make your content look more readable

Content act as KING…..

Everyone know that having great content is the key to getting attention of visitors on your website. People loves to read content which they find interesting and helpful, but people also leave your page, just within first seconds if they find it useless or misguided so stick users to your content by making your content well discussed long,interesting and useful.

#2. Choose images wisely

Images are the most attractive form of the content on the internet, that’s why you see the most popular sites using fullscreen background images on their landing page.

But how to choose an eye-catching image?

In an A/B test directed by Medelia Art, which is a match between images of artists paintings versus the photos of artists themselves. Results….

The conversion rate rise above 95 percent when images of the artist’s faces were shown which prove that people look more at faces so add images of people to your website.

#3. Optimize Your Images

Also, having not suitable for all places don’t rely on faces or lousy stock photography.

Optimize images for your site by using tools like Canva or PiktoChart  and create some professional looking graphics for your site.

A  Brafton client, get a 14.3% reduction in the bounce rate just with the addition of custom visuals to their blog.

#4. Improve Readability of WebPages

Make your website’s all pages easy to readable on all devices by doing the following:

Divide content for making it easier to read, analyze and users get – faster to understand.

Break your content into easily-digested segments by adding:

  • Subheadings
  • Headings
  • Bullet lists & numbered
  • Illustrations

It’s become much easier, to navigate information if content structured well.

#5. Pay attention on the Fonts

As all of us or our most of potential clients are enough lazy to read the whole web page, if it is written in small font size. So, it is also important to make better readable fonts by making them large enough for easy reading, but also small enough to avoid unessential scrolling.

Smashing Magazine recommends that having anything less than 16px could affect your site by reducing its readability.

#6. Clean up Your Design

You just have 15 seconds or less to satisfy the new visitor to stay, via the power of your website’s design alone. Also, that’s a very short time period, in which you need to convince new visitors to stay.

So, if your site still has packed with full of excess design features, animated images, and other moderns, then it’s time for renew.

The best way to do this is by keeping your site’s design as simple and also clutter free, makes it easier for users to look at it. Your visitors also instantly see the interesting part of your web page when they visit your site.

If there are things to look at, then visitors are more likely to focus and stay longer.

#7. Open external links in new windows

Having an external link open in the same window take your hard earned visitors away from your website

In order not to send away your visitors, make sure when creating a link, you should tick the little box (open link in a new window/tab).

With this technique, your visitors also can look at whatever you recommended in articles without leaving your webpage.

#8. Tell a story

Our world, like stories and even more people, loves success stories.

Writing a story-based make your site different from your rivals and getting more attention of viewers so after trying hard if all of your efforts get in vain then use this old but working trick in the marketing book.

Just tell a story about you or any other person from that  your visitor gets inspired.


That’s all for now, we hope these hacks helps you for keeping your visitors on the web pages as longer as you need.

Does we missed something, share your views with us about “keeping visitors on the site”.

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