Adobe Spark: Tool That Helps You Tell Stories

Tumblr is highly regarded as the best platform for creators to publish their original content, but not everyone has the knack for design – to bridge this issue, Adobe now provides everyone a helpful medium with the release of Adobe Spark.

With more than 20 million month page views, it’s easy to see that Tumblr has become one of the top ten social media platforms in the world. With remarkable sense of community, Tumblr does not only provide a great space for creators to publish their original artworks to the world, but also supportive community which always curate and share said original contents to all corners of the world – gaining the artists the recognition they deserve. However, as much as this community love to curate and share, they would also love to create despite their zero know-how when it comes to design and inability to transform ideas into a tangible content. Adobe Spark believes that everyone is able to create when they are given the right tool for it, and it is exactly what the website-based designing tool aims for. It does not matter whether you only wish to create a new header or transform your meme ideas into a shareable content online, the Spark has what it takes to help you make it happen. It’s incredibly powerful, easy to use, and best of all? Free.

This new addition to a long line of Adobe’s inventions, at a glance, seems familiar. The similarity is due to the fact that Adobe Spark is a combination of Adobe Voice, Adobe Post, as well as Adobe Slate – Adobe has purposely merged the three individual applications into an all-inclusive website-based tool in order to provide assistance to those who wish to produce high quality and visually impressive content for their social media sharing needs. Yes, even those who have zero graphic design prowess – this fact is what makes the Spark ahead of its successors, the software is specifically built to help nonprofessionals with no web/design/video development and experience to create any kind of visual stories on any device. This is not only a great news for bloggers, but also small business owners who use the blogging platform to reach its target audience.

Containing several preset sizes for your images, you can easily create a banner or contents which are a perfect fit with the Tumblr’s own template. This preset image size options are guaranteed to make your visual stories or contents to look incredible no matter from which device your followers use to view them. Adobe Spark suite completes the software with a wide range of selections in the form of attractive filters and layouts, stunning fonts, incredible design assets, and many more – this includes a plethora of royalty free images for you to use. Not only jam packed with exclusive tools to help your creativity process, the Spark also makes it possible for you to tweak or edit your banners or visual arts from your mobile device! By having it synchronized to your desktop, you may freely work on your Tumblr contents as well as headers regardless of where you are at the time.

Making any kind of visual arts for your Tumblr contents and headers are incredibly easy. Unlike other Adobe suites, Adobe Spark is easy to navigate and even easier to use. Logging in, you are represented with the colorful options which are accompanied with short descriptions: the Spark Post is a tool to help you create or design contents, the Spark Page is an option for info pages, catalogs, as well as portfolios whereas the Spark Video – despite of its moniker – cannot be used to create or edit videos, instead this option exists to help you make presentations and tutorials using still images. The following are the detailed explanation:

  • Spark Post

Comes with several layout choices for varying social media platforms, this tool shows provides you with various fancy images, themes, and fonts for you to use. Have your own image to use? Simply upload it. The next is to apply an effect filter using its dedicated palette menu, when you’re done, you’re brought to edit and resize your text and text block. Finished? Save, and share using the option at the top center.

  • Spark Page

This tool is an incredible website builder, not only able to help you create highly-responsive one-page website, it’s also able to accommodate unlimited amount of elements from texts, photo grids, to links.

  • Spark Video

Nearly identical to Spark Post, the difference in this Adobe Spark tool lies in 8 options of video types you wish to create – all of which are incredibly intuitive.

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