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Nowadays, every business wants to make their own position in the national or International market. The website plays an important role in every small-scale and large-scale business company. The website allows them to reduce the proximity between them and their customers. So, what is a website? The website is a collection of web pages including multimedia files such as images, videos, text, sound, and graphics. It is basically designed by a developer who has complete knowledge of web programming languages. It is necessary for every business company to builds a website fulfill the various organizational functions.

Finding the best web programmer is a very difficult task for a layman without consulting any professionals. On the local as the well online market, there are lots of web developer are available who promise to give you affordable and reliable services but most of them fail. The best option for you is online website builders, these online web builders offer services at very affordable prices as compared to other local and online web designers.

With the advent of technology and innovations, there are lots of web building websites are available with a large number of powerful features. These tools are very easy to use and understand. Any layman can easily use such tools without any special computer knowledge. Tools offered by these online web builders are equipped with drag and drop feature. By using such tools you can create your own website with ease as compared to by writing it yourself with web programming language.

Here are some top website builders:

Wix: Wix is a cloud-based web builder that is designed by an Israeli company called as Wix. This website consists of a large number of drag and drop tools that allows you to create your own website with a website with ease. There is no need for extra computer skill to work with it. You don’t have to learn any web programming language such as HTML5, CSS, PHP or any other programming language. First of all, you just have to create an account on and create a website as per your need. All these web building services offered by them are free of cost. Only you have to pay for domain name and for website hosting.

Site Builder: Site builder is another website builder that is mainly designed for people to easily make their own website. This website builder work same a Wix web builder only some features are varying from it. Engaging with its drag and drop tools, one can create its website with ease without consulting any professional. It is equipped with lots of features which makes your web designing experience easier and comfortable. With site builder, one can also create an email address, customized templates, Domain name, and many other things. It is free for starters with limited features and the premium version starts from $4.61 per month.

GoDaddy website builder: Godaddy is an American internet domain and web hosting service provider to the general public. It is world’s largest web hosting and internet domain service provider. They are not limited to such services, with their cloud-based website builder one can make a website for the business and individual. Like other website builders, you can use drag and drop tools to make the website for computer, Mobile friendly or responsive website with ease. With web builder of Godaddy, you can create an attractive website within 1 hour as compared to other web builders. One can start for free as a trial version after that you can avail it service from their official website at very affordable prices.

Weebly: Weebly is a United States based web hosting service company. Engaging with Weebly, one can use its drag and drop tools to make an attractive website for their business or personal use. It makes is surprisingly easy to create any website for computer, mobile, tablet, and responsive website. With Weebly, you can create a website of any type such as online store, Business, portfolio, and personal website. Another major advantage of Weebly is that you can use its mobile application to edit or manage your business website. one can download it an application from App store and Play store at free of cost. You can use its basic version for free and premium versions start from $8 per month.

If you are seeking for website developer than your search is now over, you can use such online website builders to make your website as per your needs. Drag and drop tools enable you to make a website so, there is no need of programming language to build website. These web builders are affordable as compared to hiring any web designer.

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