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A large number of people convert PDF to PNG files for different reasons. Some do so because they are not equipped with the knowledge on how to edit PDF files and they prefer to edit using a familiar concept. Whereas others, such as professional graphic designers, do it for convenience while still retaining quality. The nature of PNG files allows for fixed formatting despite having to resize the file in question.

Developed in the 90s, Portable Document Format has grown into one of the most preferred document format. This particular file format always finds its place in a myriad of uses. While PDFs are superior in terms of fixed formatting, it does not mean they do not come without some drawbacks. Ironically, PDF’s biggest strength also becomes its biggest issue.

Not only is support from PDF reader highly required, its relatively heavier size also makes it difficult to transfer. More so when you have unstable internet connection. For that reason, professionals purposely change PDF to PNG. Portable Network Graphics, more commonly known as PNG, is undeniably the best format type for large images. Classified as a scan-line graphic, this format was initially developed to be an alternative to GIF. Equipped with transparent background support and lossless compression, PNG has the ability to preserve and restore all stages of editing. Thus, ensuring its quality.

The aforementioned nature of PNG formatting is the reason many professionals turn to PNG. Graphic designers, for instance. Due to their line of work, graphic designers often have to convert and save save PDF as PNG. In the past, this meant a lot of heavy pulling as the process was not exactly easy. Fortunately, however, we are now living in an era that offers so many conveniences. One of them being online PDF to PNG converter.

Important role of PNG

Long gone are the days where we have to go through a few complicated steps just to convert our files. With OnlineConvertFree, we are now able to convert PDF file documents into PNG. Also known as Portable Network Graphics, PNG was originally developed to be an unlicensed alternative to GIF. It basically features almost all of the strengths from GIF. The only difference lies in its inability to combine several pictures into one file at once.

Features such as transparent background support and lossless compression, PNG formatting is classified as scan-line graphic. With its incredible features, this type of formatting makes it possible to preserve and restore every single stage of editing. Not only that, it also boasts the ability to adequately preserve quality. When it comes to its technical details, PNG extension is restricted to transparency channel of 8-bit, supporting 24-bit RGB colors.

In professional format, the colors can easily be adjusted from transparent to opaque. On top of 24-bit RGB colors, the extension also supports numerous shades of gray, and matching images. However, when it comes to its non-professional format, the extension is unable to display different color spaces. Another characteristic of PNG files is, undoubtedly, its unique ability in offering exceptional quality with its relatively small weight.

Convert PDF Files in a blink of an eye

Converting PDF to PNG is no longer challenging. With just one touch of a button, you can easily convert your desired PDF file documents and have it ready in PNG formats. It’s easy, it’s fast, and better yet, it’s free. Yes, there are a myriad of options on the market. From softwares that you have to install, to applications that require monthly subscription for full conversion. There is simply no shortage of options when it comes to PDF to PNG converter.

But why pay for what is essentially the same service when there is OnlineConvertFree? This incredible website may seem plain design-wise, but behind its simplicity its usefulness knows no bounds!. OnlineConvertFree is one of most popular online convert PDF to PNG converters available on the market for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost is its easy-to-use interface. With a box in the center as a place for you to drop the PDF file you wish to convert, there is simply no mistaking it!

To start, simply choose the desired PDF file document, the converter will automatically do the rest. All is done in a blink of an eye! You can now create high-resolution PNG files to display your incredible work how it’s designed. Available for free, this converter tool can be used from any device and platform. With secure upload and high accessibility, it’s difficult to find a better convert PDF to PNG tool.

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