Fixing Problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung must be one of the biggest gadgets manufacturers with various kinds of great product. There is no question that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can be one of the best products from Samsung and it is loved greatly by many people all around the world. Some people think that it must be the best device which they can find but still it does not mean that this device will be free from problem. There can be some potential problem which can be found on this device but there is no need to worry because it can be fixed with very simple step.

Stuck S-Pen

People can find that the most famous problem which can be found from Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the S-Pen which is stuck. This condition can be found if people put the S-Pen in the slot the wrong way. They can also find this condition if they get it back out using too much force. It can be serious problem and at the same time, it can also be damage which breaks the warranty. It is better to prevent this instead of curing it. If it is stuck already, people can use a piece of paper for lifting up the sensor which prevents it from coming back out one more time.

Unwanted Behavior (Random Shutdowns and Freezes)

Any smart phone can experience the unwanted behavior which can be found in Samsung Galaxy Note 5. They are not alone when they find their smart phone affected by the random freezes as well as shutdowns. There is no need to worry because the solution for this solution is pretty similar with other devices. Hardware freeze can be solved with the device reboot. It will clear the cache. It will also uninstall the rogue apps. If there are software issues, it can be solved with factory resetting.

Not Working Wireless Charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with wireless charging ability but many users have reported problem with this feature after all. This condition can be found if people use the third party chargers for instance. Wireless charging can be interfered with the protective case using. The phone charging will be stopped when the screen turn off due to the software bug so they should enable Daydreaming so the screen can be kept on although it will slow down the charging process. Of course it will be better than no charging at all.

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