Meizu M2 as the Cheap Smartphone with the Luxury Design and also Specs

Smartphone nowadays becomes a must-have gadget for anyone. Sure, to have a smartphone which has the various specs and also features, people do not need to spend so much money. That is because we can find a lot of products of smartphone in various ranges of prices, from the low price one until the high one. It depends on various factors as like the factors of brand, features, specs, technology, and many others.

Nowadays, there are so many products of China smartphone which offer the complete features and specs with a great design and even durability or quality but in a more affordable price. One of them is the smartphone products from Meizu, as like Meizu M2. That is one of the recent products from Meizu which we can note. Besides its affordable price with all the features, the appearance and design of this phone does not look like a cheap smartphone. It offers the elegance. The performance of Meizu M2 is also said to be really satisfying including for dealing with the serious or hard tasks.

The Simple Elegant Design

review Meizu M2When we see the appearance of Meizu M2 from its front, we will see the phone as a pricey one. That is because of its simplicity on the design including the home button, which uses oval long button shape with the chrome accent as like what is shown on the high-end smartphone. Meizu uses the calm design which makes it looks so elegant. It also uses the design of uni-body. The bottom area of the body also looks so elegant since we will find the speaker and also thunderbolt port which looks like iPhone 6. Perhaps, Meizu is getting inspired from the smartphone.

The Specifications of Meizu M2

meizu m2 specificationMeizu M2 uses quad core MT-6753 with 2GB RAM for the great performance. The internal memory of this Android phone is about 16GB which means it is completely that great. You also can add external memory since you can find the micro SD slot. However, it is interchangeable to the second SIM card. So, when you use micro SD, you only can use one SIM card, but when you do not use micro SD, you can attach another SIM card. For the screen, it uses a 5-inch-HD resolution screen. However, even though it is quite wide, it can still give comfort when we hold it since it has a compact design. It also uses the IGZO technology screen from Sharp, Japan which offers the great quality visual. Operating System which is applied is Flyme which is based on Android Lollipop 5.1. This smartphone, of course, has supported 4G LTE.

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