Top 6 Best Android Emulators for PC

Android emulators, simulator or whatever we call them are mainly required to run Android apps and games on PC or laptop( Windows 7/8/8.1/10). The main part comes in choosing the correct android emulator which becomes a hectic task as if it is not selected correctly; it may slow down your PC. So here I am providing with the best six Android emulators for your PC – Windows 7/8/8.1/10 which you can use to run Android app and games of your computer.

1. Nox app player

Nox app player is the most preferred Android emulators to run Android games on PC or computer (Windows 10 and 7) or to experiment new apps with limits to its speed.

Nox app player is comparatively fast and is providing features like
• One click enabled root hide or unhide (enable or disable root)
• Features the CPU processor and ram size. A great option for the gamers and app testers to check the usage of respected resources
• Apart from all of these, nox also provides keyboard mapping for touch input. This , you can tell the areas, where touch is to be simulated on pressing a particular keyboard key! ( one more great feature for the gamers)
• It has inbuilt GPS controller settings allowing you by giving access to GPS required games like Pokemon Go directly inside the nox android emulator app


2. Bluestack

Bluestack is the most widely and commonly used android emulator or Android app player for windows. It used to be free in every region, but now the access is given to only a few of them. You can enjoy extra features by rooting bluestacks. Learn How to root bluestacks.

Bluestack is providing features such as
• Easy one click installation on the Windows system allowing to save time and providing newbies not to go deep for the installation stuff (split online installer as well as offline installer is available)
• Easily install any 3rd party apk or game by just clicking the apk file from the respected folder of your computer or PC
• No other 3rd party virtualization software required (virtual box is not necessary)


3. KO player

KO player is new in the list of android emulator, but the features provided by this emulator has made him able to compete other top emulators in terms to play Android games on the computer or PC.

Some of the best features of this emulator are
• Keyboard to touch mapping features which allows to use a specific keyboard button to simulate touch on a particular area
• Allows HD resolution which therefore displays an enchanted picture quality and helps the gamers to play games without any loss of their eyesight
• Advantage of screen recording features which enables to record any gameplay and save it on your PC or computer or share with your friends or upload on youtube if you own a particular channel
• Various Accounts can be used for multiple games simultaneously
• Since KO player is made for gaming purpose, it does not require a good amount of RAM and graphics card


4. Andyroid

Andyroid is one and only one of its kind emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. It provides some cool features that u wont find any other emulator
Some of its features are
• Providing access to your mobile for working as a remote control while you are playing game
• ARM supports which enable you to download and install apps on your hosts desktop browser directly
• As Andyroid is based on VirtualBox, it doesn’t need any particular graphic card and can, therefore, run on the Intel HD graphic card too
Android is very similar to genymotion as both of them require virtual box installed in the system


5. Droid4X

Droid4X is the most impressive Android emulator for computer mentioned in this article as it is designed for real power in the hand of the user. Its features too point the same
Droid4X has some exciting features such as
• It comes pre-rooted with play store installed allowing to download the games or app’s directly from the play store and accessing the dark corner of android with the root access
• The speed is quite good, doesn’t lag, and allows to configure the keyboard as a controller for the emulator


6. MEmu

MEmu is a high-performance Android emulator based on the Android Lollipop. It comes pre – installed with Jellybean OS and to upgrade to lollipop; it requires downloading of additional packages. It is compatible with Intel, Nvidia-powered Windows and AMD chipsets.

Some of the main features are
• Pre-installed Google play store lets you download your favorite apps and games. You can also use the apk files on your computer just by double clicking on the same
• Supports keyboard mapping which means you can set up a particular keyboard button to touch a specific area
• Screenshot feature, full-screen mode, and operational recording enables you to record with certain touch actions and replay the same anytime
• Flawless pointer and keyboard integration in Memu is the most liked thing


So these are the top 6 Android emulators according to my research. If you have knowledge about more emulators or you are hiding a secret, do share the same in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to mention about the response regarding the post in the comment section too.

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