Marketing Your Business Using Promotional Items

Using promotional products is one marketing and advertisement strategy that will get you more customers and profit. Furthermore, the products are an example of the best tools for branding your business. You can settle on branded keyrings, pens, bags, mugs, shopping bags, caps, or even t-shirts. All of these will help you maintain your current clients, and most importantly, attract new customers to your business.

Branded promotional keyrings are useful, long-lasting, and can be used in our day-to-day lives. However, when branding your promotional keyrings, be sure to send the right message so that you will attract more people to visit your shop or store. The message displayed on your promotional products should be about your products or services or simply a motivational quote, one that will make your clients want to be associated with your business.

Why Settle on Keyrings as Promotional Items? 

Keyrings are known to be durable, useful, and can migrate easily from one customer to another. The fantastic thing about using keyrings is that your brand or advertisement is seen for years. This is because most people don’t change their keyrings frequently and one can hold up to 20 different keys.

Furthermore, when the customer decides to change their keyring, he or she typically keeps the old one, which can then be reused by someone else. Keyrings are best suited for business logos and advertisements about your products or services.

Types of Promotional Keyrings

Promotional keyrings come in a variety of styles and price points. Rocket Badge can craft metal keyrings to display any logo or information. Promotional keyrings vary in style—there are the classy newer styles and traditional keyrings that are simple, silver, and rectangular.

Depending on your taste and budget, find the most high-quality and professional promotional keyrings that will make your clients proud of being linked to your business. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Excellent Promotional Product

Promotional products include a variety of innovative products. Nonetheless, before choosing a product to assist you with branding your business, here are some factors that you need to consider:

The Clientele

Settle on a promotional product based on the customer base and type of business. For example, a grocery store should consider promotional shopping bags.


Select a long-lasting promotional product. According to research, a great promotional item should be of high enough quality to survive regular wear and tear and should last for no less than six months. Furthermore, a promotional product should continually remind the clients of their shopping experience at your store.


How useful is your promotional product to the customers? Choose a promotional product that will help your clients in one way or another. A practical product also has a longer promotional lifespan compared to non-utilitarian items.

Broadcast Value

When selecting a promotional product, settle on a product that can convey a message about your products to many people. For example, t-shirts or shopping bags act as vehicles that display your brand and other information about what you are selling.


An excellent promotional product will move from current clients to new ones. This can only be done when the item is not too personal. Based on studies, small items are considered to be very valuable, so they cannot migrate as easily.

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