6 Reasons Why Social Media Should Be Part Of Your Business’s Marketing Campaign

This year alone Facebook recorded over 2 billion active members. YouTube now is not far behind with 1.9 billion users, while Instagram has over 1 billion users. Twitter is also quite popular with over 350 million users. Over 30% of the world’s current population is online and using different social media apps.

You can make these statistics work in your favor by including social media in your business’s marketing campaign. To get started on designing a social media marketing campaign for your business, check out the link on consulting webmarketing123.com.

Here are the reasons why social media should be part of your marketing strategy.

  1. Your clients are on the Internet, so your business should be too.

    Get the word out about your business on the world wide web. Gone are the days when you’d need to give out flyers, ask friends to invite others to your shop or hold Tupperware parties or networking sessions in your home. Consumers nowadays are constantly browsing through their Facebook pages, reading tweets on Twitter, watching videos upon videos on YouTube, and checking out products on Instagram. If you want your business to have a competitive edge over others, your consumers should be seeing your page and your website link on their social media news feeds.When people need something nowadays, they won’t automatically seek out your particular website. They’ll search for all possible brands, including yours. Be in the lead and make yourself visible where your potential clients usually are — on social media.
  1. You can make more people aware of your brand.You may run engaging campaigns on various social media platforms to make potential customers know about and remember your brand. As an example, one of Europe’s new car brands is becoming very popular these days: Dacia, a division of Renault. Dacia used Facebook’s boosted posts to target both desktop and mobile users to make consumers aware of the brand as well as their functional and reasonably-priced cars. As a result of making Dacia present on Facebook, the company’s market grew significantly in the last three years since they launched their marketing campaign on social media. In fact, a big number of their test drive leads were a result of their boosted posts on Facebook.
  1. You can keep your consumers instantly updated on your product upgrades and developments.

    Marketing your brand on social media is also a swift and effective way to update your consumers about your product’s latest features or offerings. Without social media, you’d have to resort to traditional and expensive advertising to give people updates. One fantastic example of using social media to get a product feature a great deal of fanfare is Apple’s “Shot On iPhone” marketing campaign. Apple’s campaign put its phones’ cutting-edge cameras in the limelight by featuring real photos taken by iPhone users and uploading these photos on Apple’s Instagram account. The company likewise popularized the hashtag #shotoniphone to tag photos. Because of the campaign, over 4 million posts have been tagged, and the word is out on Apple’s latest iPhone camera features. Talk about powerful advertising!
  1. You can save time on your marketing efforts.

    When you use social media as part of your marketing campaign, you only need to devote a few hours per week. Over 90% of marketers have noted a boost in their brand’s visibility with just a few hours’ work per week on their online campaigns. You save time, you achieve effective marketing, and you get more time to devote to the other important areas of your business. In fact, once your social media marketing plan is in effect, there are apps that can upload material automatically based on the schedules you set. Your campaign works even when you’re doing something else.
  1. You can increase the traffic going to your website. Using social media platforms is another way to drive people to visit your website. Providing your followers with the link to your website on your profile bio makes it easy and simple for people to access your site and view your products or services. Adding your website link to your Facebook boosted posts also naturally brings the attention of potential customers to click on your website. Doing these can effectively market your website to consumers.
  1. You can boost your product sales.
    Make yourself visible on popular social media platforms, and watch your visibility translate into sales. The more people who get to know about your company’s products and services, the more you’ll be able to sell. You can maximize your social media campaign to make people excited about your new products by enabling them to share and use images of your products to tell their friends about your brand.Starbucks, a leading coffee company, increased its sales when it ran the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino campaign. The brand filled various social media platforms with fun and colorful photos of the said drink and created the hashtag #unicornfrappuccino to encourage consumers to post about their beverage purchases. Because of the campaign, there were close to 200,000 posts featuring the Unicorn Frappuccino on social media. Store sales also increased by 3 to 5% in the first quarter of 2017.


Social media is today’s leading marketing strategy, and it’s bound to get even stronger. Use this marketing trend to your advantage, and make it work effectively for your business.

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