Must have sites for Mac Fans

Are you the Apple loyalist and enthusiast? If yes, worry not there are multiple sites on the internet that cater to the needs of the iPhone and Mac users by providing regular updates, news, information, Apple related resources and blogs.

We have compiled a list of the sites that are a must for the iPhone and Mac fans; people that cannot do without Apple.

1. MacRumors

One of the longest running Apple related blogs, MacRumors was founded in 2002. It provides the users with news, updates and upgrades, about everything Apple. Although the name has Mac in it, it features stories and updates on all the Apple products.

As the name suggests, the site has a penchant for rumors, speculations, and leaks and provides info on the secretive aspects of Apple updates.

2. iDownloadBlog

iDownloadBlog started in the year 2008 and the sole focus is on ios. The Apple based blog is the longest running blog with the widest coverage on jailbreaking, a feature that liberates your iPhone a little from the Apple restrictions.

3. MacTech

MacTech is different from the rest in regards to the original content it publishes like press releases from the Apple headquarters, news, updates and live streams. It makes no speculations and such regarding Apple and its products. It also provides reviews on the Apple accessories and gears.

4. EsquireMac

EsquireMac is a blog by a devoted Mac user for the Mac users and loyal. The blog aims to provide as much information it can provide, be it a new Mac user, a switcher from other platforms or a Mac loyal. The aim of the blog is to provide any Mac related help, news, updates, and upgrades.

5. AppAdvice

AppAdvice is the best place to find the best Apple based apps for any category that is best suited to your purpose. Here you can find the latest apps, games, news, and updates. More focus is on ios but Mac user’s needs are catered too.Also, you can find Apple related freebies, deals and codes.

6. Apple Support

Apple’s official service provider is top notch and quite helpful for the first time ios and Mac users. It provides a vast knowledge bank and comprehensive guides to the users. You can find about the Apple warranty, Apple repair support, AppleCare, services and other related information.

It also contains communities where both ios and Mac users help and support each other in all Apple related queries.


Every time you want to fix your Mac or other Apple devices, running to a service center is not feasible. Thus, IFIXIT comes as a savior and provides the users with guidance, directions, and diagrams that can be used to fix the gear by yourself. It can guide you in case your iPhone’s screen is cracked and needs replacing or if your MacBook pro requires the optical drive replacement with the SSD.

Apple users can be quite picky and choosy when they need info about their beloved Apple device and Mac users are no different; they look for and trust the best. And here, we have provided you with the best websites that will provide you will the best.

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