Good Mobile Automotive start-ups

With the advent of the internet and the threat to permanent jobs these days, more and more people are turning to self-employment ideas to earn a living. This also affords a simpler life, and greater freedom. Gone are the days when an entrepreneur was a tycoon sitting in an office. These days, there are several different options for mobile automotive start-ups, which require very little initial outlay to get started.

Mobile car sprayer

Whether it’s to touch up scratches and scrapes or rather to completely redesign the car, many people pay good money for the convenience of a good car sprayer coming to them. You will need to prepare the car and the area well to do a good job and build up word of mouth reputation or repeat custom. Being adaptable, doing a thorough job, and having a friendly demeanour will put you in good stead to start up this kind of business and have the keys to your freedom and security as a self employed car sprayer.

Mobile tyre fitter

One of the most annoying things about tyres going is that it can be hard to predict, and catch us unawares. This is all well and good should we be carrying the spare tyre, and be confident in how to change it. However, many of us are not blessed with such skills or find tyre changes inconvenient. Who carries around a high quality trolley jack around with them as a standard? Getting your number out and about as a quick responder to a tyre situation will help you to build a reputation.

How you choose to market your services will be important, since your client base are always going to be on the road, consider inexpensive roadside advertising.

Mobile valet

Requiring little more than a friendly personality and bucket and sponge, a mobile valet service allows you the freedom of travelling to clients’ cars and giving their vehicle a full clean both inside and out. This can be a fun and lucrative way to earn money, particularly in the summer months. Offering extras, such as waxing and buffing, being available on-call and doing a thorough job will ensure you have customers who come back time and again.

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