Top 8 Most Useful Windows Software

Computers have become daily use commodity for many people across the world. Almost every person is directly or indirectly depends upon the computers in this era. So the knowledge about operating and utilization of its potential is very important. Basically, every PC works upon windows operating system where numerous useful windows software used for different purpose. The knowledge of their functionality and usage may help you in many ways to simplify your work.

Due to the unique features of the different software, you can use them for various activities. Playing any format of the video file, creating a disc image, making a bootable USB or cleaning the registry are some very useful operational activities of computers. The useful windows software has made difficult tasks very easy and also very helpful in reducing the time. Just take the example of calculator software; it is the simplest application which has reduced the usage of heavy calculators available in the market. Here we are listing some useful applications of windows operating system that will definitely help you anywhere.


Top 8 Most Useful Windows Software are:-

1)    MS office

This is the primary and most important software of windows operating system because every computer user needs it. The components of Microsoft office such as excel, word and power point are some basic tools which are used in every day work. Even the completion of this article also depends upon this software. This is the reason why MS office is on top of the list.

2)    VLC player

As being a regular user of PC, you cannot forget the name of VLC player because of its rich features and simplicity. The playing of different videos in single software was very difficult before the entrance of VLC player in market. It can run every type of video file, no matter it is flv, blue ray, Mkv, mp4 or anything else. This useful windows software is open source and free to use. Along with playing video files, it has capability to change audio modes and capture the screenshots of running video file.

3)    Power ISO

It is unique software which is used to create the exact data image of a CD or DVD. With the help of power ISO, you can create the image file of any software or operating system which can be future run as a disc. With the help of this software, you can write any file to a CD or DVD and also can mount multiple virtual drives on your computer. Along with disc image formation, it can also turn your normal USB drive into a bootable device.

4)    Adobe photoshop

You can consider it as the best software of graphics editing of all the time. The adobe photoshop is capable to transform any ordinary image in to a stunning beautiful picture. While using it, you will notice that anything is possible in graphics world with the help of photoshop. This useful windows software can perform many functions such as joining multiple pictures on a single page, remove unwanted area of any image, enhance the colours or increase the light etc. All these features of this software have made it the best photo editor.

5)    Internet download manager

The IDM or you can say internet download manager is very popular and useful windows software. It is used for downloading various files from internet at very high speed. The downloading efficiency of IDM software is much higher than any other downloading application available in market. Just copy the URL of downloading link and paste it in the IDM software to initiate the downloading process. This 5 MB software is free for 30 days as trial version and after that you have to purchase it from the official website.

6)    Folder lock

Everybody wants privacy whether it is real life or the virtual world of computer or internet. This is the reason behind the invention of folder lock software. As illustrated from the name, it can be used to lock the private files in the form of any audio, video or document behind a password. Nobody can access those files without entering the valid password which is a great feature of this useful software.

7)    WinRAR

winRAR is a very small yet powerful software of windows operating system. It has capability to create and view archives in RAR or Zip format. It enables you to encrypt, multipart and extraction of data to a specific place in computer. With the help of winrar, you can compress an application in minimum space which can be expanded again to its original size. This software is also very useful for keeping files safe from malware and virus because the file stored in winrar cannot be accessed directly like folders. This software is widely used in transportation of data through internet.

8)    Tune up utilities

It is a registry cleaning software which can be used to clean the junk files of the computer. You can consider it an all in one software which is very helpful in increasing the performance of your PC. The tune up utility software provides various functions to boost the efficiency by disabling the useless programs at start-up, cleaning bad sectors of the disc, deleting temporary files and provides you the various modes for running your PC such as battery saver mode or high-performance mode etc.


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