Why should you get an external hard disk to backup your files?

Mishaps don’t ring a bell when they occur. The saying is applicable on all the situations in life. Here, we will confine this factor to the hard drives in your computers. On an average, the hard drive in your computer is expected to experience failure any time after 3 years of usage. This means that your data is always at risk. What precautions can you take? You should backup your data to an external hard drive. Why should you opt for external hard drives? The following reasons will quench your queries in a justified manner.

Primary Backup for Immediate Access
External hard drives serve as the quick and efficient medium for transferring and storing data as a backup. As your data stored on computer hard drive is susceptible to damage and loss, it is wise to replicate it on your external hard drive.

To accomplish periodic scheduled backups, you can utilize software such as Acronis True Image 2017. The software will automate backup process, and store the files as a replica on the external hard drive.

Savior in times of Corrupt System Files
If a system file gets corrupt during usage, your computer may stop working. In this case, you need to restore your system by installing system files and operating system. And if you don’t have a data backup, there is a high probability that all your data will be erased.

Therefore, you can use an external drive as a cloned drive. What does this mean? You can create an exact replica of your computer hard drive on the external hard drive. This includes not only data but bootable files as well. Hence, the external hard drive will act as a bootable drive when your computer gets corrupt.

Serve as Additional Storage Drive
When your computer is equipped with an SSD drive, there is a high probability that the storage space is limited or not sufficient. External hard drives can serve as the additional storage device. Remember, the storage device is different from a backup device. The storage device’s primary task is to store the information whereas backup device stores the data in an organized manner (backup initiated at frequent intervals).

External hard drive fulfills both the responsibilities with excellence. You can use it as an additional storage drive if your computer drive is devoid of free space.

Secondary Backup for Complete Protection
Have you heard about the 3-2-1 backup rule? To secure your data with an overall protection, it is crucial to set up secondary backup. Although primary backup is always available to you, it is susceptible to damage as it is used frequently. To ensure complete protection, you should consider using an external hard drive to create a secondary backup.Inexpensive Solution for Backups
In addition to external hard drives, you have the provision of utilizing cloud storage services. For cloud services, you need an internet connection and pay a hefty amount of money for procuring storage space. On the contrary, you can easily manage your data with an external hard drive without investing a fortune. Most of the 1TB hard drives manufactured by renowned brands are available at an approximate price of Rs 4,000. See: External Hard Disks 1TB You can take necessary steps and precautions to secure your data against damage and loss. Both cloud storage services and external hard drives are feasible options for creating a backup. But considering overall factors, the external hard drive is a more convenient and an affordable option for backing up your files and data.

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