How to play DVD on Windows 10 smoothly?

System updated to Windows 10, you may found that although Windows Media Player be kept on Windows 10, you can no longer play DVD dices with this built-in video and DVD player. Instead of it, there is another way to solve it that you can spend $15 downloading Windows DVD Player from Microsoft Store. This situation makes it hard for DVD lovers who would like to open and play their DVD discs once got back to their hand. What’s worse, this player sometimes cannot play DVDs from other regions and blue-ray discs. If you are struggling in this problem either, luckily, here I will share serval easy and useful ways to play DVDs on Windows 10.

How to play DVD on Windows 10?

With various multimedia players flooded into market, here are many great products that can help you open and play DVDs on Windows 10 available. Open browser searching for a suitable player, you may confuse about how to select most suitable one to satisfy all your needs of DVDs. Here I find two easy ways to figure it out no matter costs or no costs. Both of them deserve to have a try.

How to play DVDs with free DVD player?

If you are using laptops with built-in DVD driver or external DVD driver, that would be very easy to play DVD on your windows system in the previous version. Right now, without Windows Media Player, you can find a great software to help you instead. Although Microsoft does provide a paid choice -Windows DVD Player, the best beneficial way is to try free software. Here I recommend one free program to you-VLC media player, which is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that supports to play DVDs, CDs, VCDs and other streaming protocols.

It is very easy to use and find. Download it for totally free from VideoLAN official page.  After a very fastest and safe installation without any not-related plug-ins. Once installed, launch it then load the DVD files to the program. Few seconds later, it will help you to play smoothly. Besides, more you can do with your DVDs. This free DVD Ripper also allows you to convert videos to other formats.

How to play DVDs with the most efficient and powerful paid software?

I used WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro for a try from a suggest from a friend of mine. With a not trust feeling, at beginning, I am not so interested in this program. After few days of testing, what surprised me most is the outstanding ripping speed and the technology of “Main title” target which makes the whole process easy and fast. Follow these three-step instructions, you can easily rip DVDs form discs to play even convert all your DVD collections to other formats or devices to playback at anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Free download from WonderFox official page to keep it clean without any virus. Install and launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro on your PC. From the user-friendly interface, you can choose any of the DVD sources as “DVD Folder’, “ISO Image” or “DVD Disc”. Clicking “DVD Disc” button to load target DVD source. This program will automatically remove the DVD region code and encryption technology to find the “Main title” form 99 titles in few seconds.

Step 2: Open the main title that you can preview the movie directly. But if you wish to playback or save it in a safer way, this No.1 fastest DVD decoder for Windows 10 can let you convert it to more than 500 formats or handy devices to back-up.

Tips: MP4 as one of the most popular and compatible format for streaming videos that supports most of devices.

Choose “MP4” as output format by clicking the output format from the right side of the interface.

Step 3: Choose the destination folder to save the converted files form DVD. Hit “Run” button to start this DVD decoder process. Converted finished, you can play DVDs on Windows 10 smoothly.


Although without original internal Windows Media Player, it is complicated to play DVDs on Windows 10. Thankfully, with those wonderful DVD player and ripper, it seems play DVDs on Windows 10 will not be difficult to realize. Both the free solution or paid software are good choices to try. These above ways just a testing results from mine. You can make your own choice to play DVDs on Windows 10. If you have other suggestions, leave your comments below and I will try later. 

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