Can You Use Your Smartphone for Weight Loss Program?

Using smartphone for weight loss program

Innovation in smartphone technology benefits not only those who love entertainment, multimedia, or games but also those who are on a weight loss program. Some apps and accessories are now available to enable people to use their smartphone for weight loss program. Yes, the fact that modern people are at increased risk for developing cardiovascular diseases due to obesity has triggered the app and smartphone developers to develop ‘something’ to help the dieters.

Are you one of the people who are on a weight loss program? Here are some great options of features to use your smartphone for weight loss program.


You certainly agree that cutting down the daily calorie intake is the key to a successful diet program. The question is, “How do you calculate the calories of each food you eat on a day?” The problem is worse, particularly for working people, as they cannot count the calorie contents of the food when they are out (at work for instance).

Considering such problems, NutriRay3D offers a solution. It is an accessory 3D scanner for your smartphone. The tech product is designed to scan the real-time nutritional data in your food and display the results on your smartphone. The smartphone accessory scans your food using 3 dimensional technology. Whether you are snacking at workplace or enjoying professionally prepared foods at a restaurant, NutriRay3D helps you tracking your diet by counting the calories.

The device is not yet available at the market, but it will be soon, as the prototype has been complete and tested. The engineering validation testing is finished. So, the next is design and development step, which is scheduled for February and July this year. The laser scanner device is expected to be at the market in December this year.

Prepd Pack

If you need a tool to help in tracking your daily calorie intake, Prepd Pack can be the choice. It was launched early this month and expected to be available on the stores in June. Unlike NutriRay3D that scans your food, Prepd Pack is a ‘lunch box’, which come in a set of modular container, a wooden cover, which also serves as an eating mat, and Prepd app that works to gather information on the nutritional facts of your meal.

The lunch box is designed in a proper size to fit reasonable portion. If you love bringing your lunch to the office, this will be a great tool to keep you on the diet track. The Prepd app features Health Kit on iOS integration, which allows you to view your data using a single app. Curious? The premium lunch box set will be available with prices starting from $50 to $70.

Actually, many other apps have been available for you to use your smartphone for weight loss program. The most important thing is that tracking the features to find out whether they really work for your smartphone. By limiting your daily calorie intake, losing weight will be much simpler. However, even the most sophisticated apps will not work if you do not change your lifestyle and eating pattern. They are the success keys for losing weight.

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