Considerations When Adding a Second Bathroom to a Home

There are a number of reasons as to why you might be considering adding an additional bathroom to your home. As well as offering more privacy than a shared family bathroom, an advantage of having an additional bathroom is that it can also add value to your home – making it an ideal option for homeowners looking to sell their current property at an enhanced price.

Before installing a second bathroom into the home, there are a number of considerations to make, from the location of the bathroom itself to the actual pipework installation. Specialists in water domestic pumps and home pump applications, Anchor Pumps, have offered their expert advice for adding a second bathroom to the home…

Adding a Second Bathroom to the Home Budget

The main consideration prior to installing a second bathroom is the budget. Through assessing how much money you have to work with, you will be able to begin making decisions on how big the bathroom will be, whether it will be a full bathroom suite by including a shower and a bath or if it will be a simple WC and sink combination. Working out a budget will also help you decide whether you will be fitting a luxury en suite or a basic yet practical downstairs WC.

Remember, if you are installing a bathroom to improve the value of your home, make sure you don’t lose out on profit by fitting a pricey bathroom that goes over your planned budget.


Once the budget has been agreed, it is time to consider the location of your additional bathroom. Homes that have an en suite bathroom generally have a higher value than homes that don’t, therefore if you have space to fit an en suite bathroom then it is advisable to do so. There are of course other areas that a bathroom can be installed such as under the stairs or in a basement area – utilising space that is currently un-used will help maintain the size of your home.


An important aspect of the location decision is whether pipework in the home can be linked up to install your new bathroom. A specialist bathroom installer should be able to advise you of this. One key element when installing the necessary pipework is to make sure that the new bathroom’s wastewater is effectively handled, for this you will require a reliable sanitary pump. Domestic sanitary pumps, which are available from specialists that offer a range of sanitary solutions and can be used with various wastewater combinations such as a bath, WC, shower and sink. Of course, you should also consider placing a radiator in an appropriate place, see this website for some ideas – as can be seen by the above photo there are different possibilities when thinking about a radiator for a bathroom.


The final consideration is certainly the most enjoyable aspect of any new bathroom installation. Designing a new bathroom will give you the chance to really let your imagination run wild. Whether you favour a simple three piece bathroom suite or want to get creative with a spa inspired wet room design, there are plenty of ways that you can create the bathroom of your dreams through installing an additional bathroom in the home..

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