Improve Your Strategy: 5 Tips to Improved Gaming Strategy

No matter which strategy title tickles your fancy, the fundamentals of bringing your game to the next level always remain the same. If you’ve had enough of your friends always beating you when it should be the other way around, try to implement the following tips into your daily practice and see your gaming results improve in a heartbeat:

  1. Watch how the pros do it

Youtube is free and accessible to everyone, and you can find plenty of replays there (Twitch is great as well). Watch the professional going at it and try to mimic what they’re doing to get an edge against their opponents. A lot of times you’ll find that the top pros also have their own streaming sessions during which they explain the reasoning behind every move they make in the game, and tuning in is a great opportunity to advance your own game without having to pay anything. If you’d like to express your gratitude, you can always make a donation.

  1. Study the community discussions

By jumping into an adventure with FFXV strategy game, you’ll also gain an access to a valuable tool otherwise known as community discussions. Here, you can ask a question directly, and it’s a great way to get some answers if something specific is giving you trouble. In addition, community discussions are also worth reading on their own; when experienced players discuss a specific strategy or build, newer players can siphon their knowledge and utilize it for free.

  1. Hire a coach

Believe it or not, hiring someone to help you get your gaming skills to the next level is a thing. While this option is not exactly free, it’s a good way to brush up on your game knowledge, because the player you choose to work with can watch you play live and spot any strategy mistakes you make immediately. This is one of the fastest ways to grow as a player, and if you’re planning to compete in any tournaments, the investment can quickly pay for itself.

  1. Play a lot

While this one may seem self-explanatory, it’s no less true. By maximizing the time spent playing, you’ll be able to utilize all the theory you’ve learned and put it to practice. If you want to get serious about reaching the next level, treat it as such and make sure to put some time aside for your gaming-related activities every single day. This includes the rest of the advice you’ve been given in this article.

  1. Remain self-critical

It’s easy to get upset, especially after a long losing streak. You may start raging at your opponents for using the so-called ‘cheap’ tactics, but here’s a new take on it: if they’re beating you with this, it’s obviously an effective tool in their arsenal. Why not learn something from it and use it against them the next time you play? Apart from that, just remain focused and self-critical at all times, and try to learn something from your losses. You know what they say: either you win, or you learn!


Strategy games are one of the most rewarding ones to play, since the outcome is often decided by who has a firmer grasp on the gaming principles and a greater knowledge of the game. So get motivated and use the tips we’ve given you to show your friends who’s truly the best player around!

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