Benefits of Flameless Heaters

Reduce greenhouse gas emission for climate change and sustainable development

If you’re on the market scoping out any heater rentals in your area, it would be in your best interest to look into what type of commercial heater gives you more bang for your buck. After all, a heater rental is supposed to help you reduce energy costs in the long run. You can go with various models that can accomplish that, but there is one among the rest that can do so much more.

What type of heater would that be exactly? A flameless heater.

Many would be surprised to know that a flameless heater has various unique benefits that set it apart from other heater options. Are you wondering how this particular heater packs a better punch than all the rest? See for yourself by finding out what this heater is all about, and its hallmark features translate into several benefits!

How a Flameless Heater Works

The newest, hottest heaters out on the market today are flameless heaters. They are considered a fresher take on your conventional commercial heater. Yet, how does it work that makes it different from the others?

With a flameless heater, it runs on diesel fuel to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, sparkless, low-pressure environment. When combustion occurs in a flameless heater, it’s regulated to the confines of the combustion chamber – similar to a reciprocating piston engine. There is only gaseous fuel and no fuel droplets to burn since the diesel turns into vapour before combustion. As a result, the vapour inside a flameless heater can burn cleanly and completely compared to other heaters.

Benefits of a Flameless Heater

Beyond being the latest in heating technology, there are various benefits that you can reap from going with a flameless heater. See why this particular heater runs hot in different commercial spaces by checking out some of its benefits below!

Save on Various Costs

Heater rentals are already a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs. But what if you could save even more? You would be surprised how much you can save by using a flameless heater in your commercial space. Based on how a flameless heater works, its method ensures there is not only low fuel consumption but also reduced maintenance and minimal labour. Less energy consumption will help lower the energy bill for your business alongside saving more on other expenses as well. You will see more green in your wallet by choosing a flameless heater!

Helps Protect the Environment

In our current economic climate, many industries strive to find more eco-friendly options to incorporate into their operations. One way has been through controlling the amount of energy consumption. The beauty behind flameless heaters is that they are designed to run clean by naturally reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Its process ensures better air quality in your workplace and actively helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you want a greener alternative for warmth, you can bet that going with a flameless heater will help leave a positive impact on the environment!

Longer Run Time

No one likes working in the cold. It makes it harder to continue operations and can even infringe on it if it’s way too cold, severely impacting productivity and profit. That’s why it’s important to find a heater that can last for hours – which a flameless heater can do! They are developed to be durable and have a long run time. It’s designed for minimal standard maintenance at your convenience by needing only a few hydraulic oil changes and extended oil service intervals. Some flameless heaters can even withstand -50 degrees Celsius weather. As a result, you can expect no on-site interruptions on all fronts!

More Safer Usage

There is nothing more important than workplace safety – especially in industries with higher danger risks. For example, the oil and gas sector must have work conditions with no open flame since it can potentially be a safety hazard for employees working on-site. For the oil and gas sector, having a flameless heater would perfectly meet their safety requirements while keeping employees warm as they work.

However, the oil and gas industry isn’t the only commercial space that can benefit from another safety feature that all flameless heaters have. A flameless heater has a high-temperature shutdown feature as a general safety measure. It automatically shuts off if it goes over a certain temperature during regular operation, which helps reduce the likelihood of irreparable damage and equipment failure.

A heater rental is a great way to save energy. Yet, you can do so much more when you opt for a flameless heater compared to others. Ensure you get the most out of your heater rental by going for a flameless heater – you won’t regret it!

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