Important Questions To Ask Your Mechanic Whenever You Take Your Car In For Repair

Let’s face it. You are driving along when you realize some strange happenings in your car. Your car steering wheel is vibrating, some strange noise when you stop or slow down. You get some strange smell coming from inside your car.
At this moment, chances are you will need to find a trusted auto mechanic. Why don’t you visit car repair Toronto? We do complete auto service, car repairs and tires.

Taking your car to an auto mechanic should not be complex. After all, what you need is your car repaired and this should be easy and straightforward. Although it becomes hectic especially when the mechanic is trying to explain why you are experiencing all the strange noise, the vibrating steering wheel and any other strange experience you are receiving from your car and how much the whole exercise will cost. It can be very confusing particularly when what you had initially thought it would turn to be totally different. You might think that the auto mechanic is taking advantage of since you are not well conversant to cars.

Your initial thought was to have your car fixed, and running well at a reasonable price. Therefore, to ensure you don’t go through these confusing moments, below are some questions you should ask the auto mechanic whenever you take your car in for repair:

1. Have you worked on a car similar to my car’s make and model before?
This question is very important and you should ask your auto mechanic since some vehicle repair shops specialize in explicit types of cars. Many vehicle repair shops have their auto mechanics qualified to handle certain makes and models. Taking your car to one of these mechanics will ensure your car is worked on by a certified mechanic who is not just familiar with your car but is also an expert regarding the model of your car.

2. How much will the whole process cost?
This question might seem like an odd question but because you have gone to an auto mechanic so that your car i8s repaired and fixed does not mean you take any price the mechanic tells you. If their cost is too high then you should shop around for better prices. But remember don’t go for shops with cheaper prices since their services may be poor. Ensure the cost is reasonable and services are quality.

3. Do you mind explaining to me details of the necessary repairs?
Yes, I know you might see this as a silly question, but it’s good to ensure the auto mechanic explains to you in plain, easy-to-comprehend terms what needs to be done and why. When you have understood what needs to be done and why you will now be in a good position to know what the whole process will entail.

4. Will you allow me to select what car parts are used for the repair?
Every car has various kinds of parts that can be used to repair it. Most of the time mechanics suggest that you use parts made by your car manufacturer, these parts are referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM). They are normally a duplicate of the part they are replacing. For certain types of car repairs, mechanics might recommend used car part. This question will help you to know whether the parts are in excellent for your car.

5. Do you charge extra fees that might accompany the service?
Some mechanics usually charge what they call miscellaneous fees. Some will give you an estimation for replacing tires without including the tire disposal fees in the estimate. Find out the estimate first then ask to know about any hidden fees on top of the estimate. If the mechanic cannot include all the details in the initial quotation, then you should be direful. That may be cause for concern.

At this point, ensure the estimate is detailed and in writing, signed by the mechanic before proceeding with the car repair.

The detailed estimate should include what needs to be fixed, the parts needed to perform the repair and any other necessary charges. The detailed estimate in writing makes any legal action much easier to pursue in case anything goes wrong.

These 5 questions may seem like a lot, but a tolerant, qualified auto mechanic will value your thoroughness and be happy to help you. Remember the more informed you are ahead of time, the more and easier it will be to avoid dealing with potential legal issues throughout the entire process and especially if the repair doesn’t go as expected.

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