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Did you know, there are thousands of iOS emulators for pc available for Windows operating system. With help of this emulator, we are able to run ios apps on windows pc. Because it is possible with tools like MobiOne Studio, Air iPhone Emulator, etc. Here on this article, I have shared 3 best ios emulator for pc. The following emulators are compatible to run ios games and apps on windows pc.

As we run Android applications on a Windows PC through several software like Bluestacks. same, we can test iPhone or iPad applications through iOS emulators. Well, Let’s first check the iOS Emulator for pc.

What is the advantage of using ios emulator for pc?

Emulators developed for application developers. Through these emulators, ios developers can test their ios app before publishing the app on the app store. That’s why a programmer of games or mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad,d, or iPod) will surely need an iOS emulator for his tests. These emulators are very beneficial for ios developers and with these emulators help developer can test cross platform apps. ios emulator create ios environment in windows pc. after installing ios emulator on windows, pc behave like a ios device.

Well, below you can check the list of 3 best ios emulator for pc

MobiOne Studio

This emulator is one of the best iOS emulators for windows pc. That provides us with the advantage of play iOS games and applications on Windows computers. Millions of ios apps and games developers used are it.

Officially Mobione no longer exists, but it is still available on some third party sites. This software can simulate information for real iOS devices. Mobione Studio is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone.

Air Iphone

Air iPhone is also the same as a mobile studio and one of the best ios emulators for pc this emulator is working very smoothly on windows pc through this emulator we are compatible to run ios apps and games on windows, mac, ipad, iPhone. so you can download it from the following link.


If you are looking for the best iPhone emulator, Smartface is best for you. It is used for the development and testing of iOS applications. You have the choice between a free version and a paid version. smartface come with two versions free and paid so I recommend you first download the free version and if you like free version then you can upgrade it anytime.

Final word

In this article, I have shared a list of the 3 best iOS emulators for Windows PCs. There are thousands of emulators available on the Internet, but we always share such best emulators with our readers. Therefore, you can download any emulator from above to run games, iOS apps on Windows PC.

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