5 Awesome Things That Will Make You want To visit Melbourne Soon

Whether outdoors, indoors or with your kids, there are always great things to do in Melbourne. Melbourne is among the most unique places in the world, this modern city located in the South eastern of Australia is defined by its diversity and vibrancy of history, art, culture, natural attributes, architecture and fashion. This makes Melbourne to become a hot spot for tourists.

Melbourne is a lively city with fantastic museums, local market, art gallerias, charming streets, restaurants and many more aspects. All these and many more gives you plenty of memorable and unique things to do in Melbourne. You will be busy exploring the attractions in this city.

If you are planning on the next tour, then think of Melbourne. Below are 5 awesome things that will make you want to visit Melbourne.


The Amazing Historical Aspects

Those people with the love for history won’t get disappointed when they visit Melbourne. The city is rich with illustrious collection of museums such as Melbourne Museum, Moorabbin Air Museum, Australia Racing Museum, Victoria Police Museum, Science works Immigration Museum, Medical History Museum, Railway Museum, Holocaust Museum among many others.

Museums visit is one of the top in the list of things to do in Melbourne. All these museums will teach you more on the history of this exciting city. In addition to museums, there are other historical attractions that you can’t wait to see, these includes; The Shrine of Remembrance, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Como Historical House and Garden as well as Government House.

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Superstitious Arts

Melbourne is an art rich city, the city holds more than 100 art galleries and institutions. It has the greatest commercial galleries in the world. Melbourne is the home of public galleries such as the Ian Potter Center which is entirely for Australian art. National Gallery of Victoria International is also a phenomenal collection of art. Sculpture displays are also a must see at the Linden Arts Centre.

For those who love ingenious art, then Melbourne Museum’s Bunjilaka Aboriginal Center  is a must visit place in Melbourne. For those individuals who likes the aboriginal culture, then you are not left out because Melbourne has all these. Some of the aboriginal culture centers include; Aboriginal Heritage Walk, Koori Heritage Trust and the Burrinja Gallery.


Local Markets

If you like socializing, then you don’t want to miss a chance to visit the local markets in Melbourne. There are several awesome local markets available in the city. Some of these includes; Queen Victoria Market, Prahran Market, Camberwell Market and South Melbourne Market. Here, you will find all products and farm produces from different parts of Australia.

In addition to these, there are other colorful and exiting market focusing on various specialties these includes farm produces, arts and crafts. These include the St. Kilda Farmers’ Market, Rose Street Artist Market, Hawthorn Craft Market and Esplanade Market. All these are local markets are great places to visit during your visit to Melbourne.


Beautiful Nature Sceneries

A visit to a place is never complete without an interaction with nature. Melbourne provides beautiful nature sceneries. You will notice the many beautiful beaches in Melbourne such as the popular swimming spots at Elwood and St Kilda. Other beaches include the Sandringham, Hampton and Mordialloc.

Melbourne’s garden are great places to visit, these gardens are host to animals, birds and aquatic life. You will find exciting local and exotic wildlife species. Melbourne Zoo and the Melbourne Aquarium are places to get an interaction with thousands of creatures.  In addition to these, you will also get to enjoy the beauty of abundant aged trees, sculptured terraces, garden among other beautiful sceneries along Yarra River.


High End Fashions and Architectures

Melbourne is a spot for some of the most beautiful and trendiest boutiques, department stores, designer brands among other fashion centers. In addition to fashions, Melbourne is also a place for great architecture. The iconic arcades and always along Closely Street, Presgrave, Royal Arcades and Degraves are delightfully unique and eccentric.

Shopping centers includes the famous Alice Euphemia, Shag and Zambesi, Restrostar among others. These offers popular and luxurious brands. Blode Venus is an hot spot excursively for clothing. Lastly, for music lovers, Basement Disk is a place to visit for a collection of all genre of music.


All these are exclusive things to do in Melbourne, they are exciting and will remain to be memorable at all times.

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