7 Best Subjects for Time Lapse Videos

Before, collages were the “in” thing. This was followed by selfies and selfie sticks, which evolved to “groufies” or “wefies”.  And now we have time lapses. How are you doing with these terminologies, baby boomers? Let’s put our focus on time lapses or time lapse videos, shall we?

Time-lapse is filming plenty of photographs over a period of time and then shown quickly like you are watching something in fast forward mode. Take out your cameras and GoPro time lapse paraphernalia and make your very own time-lapse videos using some of the best subjects listed below.

  1. Sunsets and Sunrise

Who doesn’t love the view of the majestic sun? The sunrise symbolizes hope while the sunset assures us of another chance at life tomorrow. Watching the sun rise and set in fast forward mode can be a pretty fantastic experience.

  1. Waves

Summer tops most people’s list of favorite seasons. The waves, the colorful bikinis, the sunlight, and the sights! Create your own time-lapse video of the waves and never lose that summer vibe.

  1. Clouds

Ever find yourself looking up at the clouds and wondering about life? Sometimes we just need to look at the clouds and see the answers to the most puzzling questions we have.

  1. Shadows

Choose a subject that creates a shadow and watch the interesting effects when the light changes throughout the day.

  1. Traffic

Who would have thought we could get something good from traffic? All you need is a good vantage point where you will mount that camera and shoot away.

  1. Renovation Projects

Although this might ultimately test your patience, a time lapse video of a renovation project can be very gratifying upon completion. Watching a kitchen renovation or the construction of a deck over a period of months can make for a great final time lapse video.

  1. People

People will always be the best subject. Go to a mall or a busy place and start aiming your camera at people. You’d be surprised at the interesting patterns of behavior you will see.


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